Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 4, Level 3 – The First Task

Published on July 21st, 2010

The action is about to get slightly more chaotic and you’ll have to be on your toes as Harry goes in pursuit of the dragon’s egg. Check out this guide for tips on how to survive.

The dragon will attack you with his fiery breath and tail so you need to keep on the move. Keep to the back wall, as far as you can away from the dragon. Keep moving right blasting away at any piles of rubble and keep your purple spell selected. With some of the parts that you blast you’ll be able to build a puppy who will knock down the barrier on the right so you can progress. Keep moving until the dragon isn’t firing at you anymore.

You’ll see a heavy chain to pull above you to the left, and below it you’ll be able to construct a lift and a cauldron. You need to get the ingredients so you have the strength to pull the chain. The first one is right underneath where you can see the heavy chain, just blast away to get it. Use Lumos on the vines to get the second, and build the skeleton on the floor to get the third. Drink the potion.

Now go up the lift and pull the chain. The dragon will disappear. You can now levitate the object on the platform where the dragon was standing and place it on the small purple brick to your right. Now jump across. You’ll see the dragon again. He’ll be breathing his fire on three platforms. Time your jump to avoid them and when you’re on the third platform use your purple spell to levitate the water and put out the fire so you can jump across.

In the next section, where you see the dragon up above you, you need to place three coloured LEGO blocks on the platforms that you see in front of you. Use Hermoine’s cat to dig to get the first one, then blast at the rock for the second. Finally, switch to your Immobilis spell to blast down the pixie for the third. Now place the coloured blocks in this order from left to right: Red, Blue, Green. Now climb up and you’re done…almost!

Now you’re going to get chased, just keep running. There’s a character token and a piece of the Hogwart’s crest to look for along the way, but if you take too long messing around you’ll get caught by the dragon. Keep your eyes on the floor, there’s a few areas where you can drop, so get ready to jump.

Next Level – , Level 4: Secret Of The Egg

We’ll be adding to our LEGO guide over the coming weeks, so be sure to check out the main Harry Potter page for more information and to continue the walkthrough.

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    Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 4, Level 3   The First Task

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