Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 4, Level 1 – Ageing Potion Lesson

Published on July 19th, 2010

There’s still more potions to be learned in your time at Hogwarts. This time you’ll be able to grow yourself a beard with the . Check out this guide to ensure a smooth and easy passageway to the next level.

You need to find three ingredients (Snake, Leaf and Banana) and add them to the cauldron in the North West side of the room to make the potion. Head to the back of the classroom and use the purple spell on the horns of the Gargoyle. You can then use Hermoine to open the cabinet and construct a red dispeneser. On the table to your right there are now three colours all of which you can levitate. You need to choose two colours and mix them together in the pot in the middle. Red And Blue makes purple, Red and Yellow makes Orange and Blue and Yellow make Green. It’s hard to target the yellow coloured pot so you might have to stand on the table to get it selected.

Next, shoot the lock of the chest at the back of the room. Levitate the object that comes from the chest to the left hand side of the room. You’ll see a marker where you need to place it, just to the left of the fish tank. Now you’ll need two characters, one to stand on the two platforms next to each other. You’ll see the water level rise and the second ingredient, a leaf, will drop out.

Finally, to get the last ingredient you need to switch to Hermoine and use Crookshanks to go up the piping in the centre of the room so he can push a piece of out. You can then shoot the bird, drop the chicken legs in the fish tank and lift the banana out. Drink the ingredient and you’re done!

Next Level – , Level 4: Secret Of The Egg

We’ll be adding to our LEGO guide over the coming weeks, so be sure to check out the main Harry Potter page for more information and to continue the walkthrough.

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    Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 4, Level 1   Ageing Potion Lesson

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    1. Posted by amber on August 31st, 2010, 19:08

      we froze, and came back to the room with the aging potion in it already bubbling. we’ve gotten the gold brick in the next room, [get the aging potion, have a younger someone in the doorway to save you walking time, and WL the old person up top]

      but we can’t get any further!! how do you open the gate in the next room???

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