Halo Reach – A Guide To Holograms

Published on October 8th, 2010

One of the abilities you can use in is , where you can send a Hologram of yourself toward a pack of enemies in order to create a diversion or confuse them. Check out our five step guide to using the effectively.

1) If you’re playing in a match where radar tracking is turned on, Holograms do appear on the radar. This comes in extremely handy for fooling your enemy. Send a Hologram around a corner or into a building to check if anyone is in there, but keep crouched when doing so. This way they’ll only see one red dot flagged up on their radar screen. If there are enemies nearby chances are they’ll shoot at your hologram and give away their position. You can then swiftly move in to capitalise on their confusion.

2) Send a Hologram running out in the open toward an enemy base. Someone will always be foolish enough to shoot and give away their position. In an objective based match such as Capture The Flag send them right up to the objective to help flush those defending it out.

3) How do you recognise a Hologram? Holograms won’t have a player tag above their heads. This is a dead give away that it’s a hologram running rather than a real enemy! They can also only move in a straight line. Most players would be looking around them, perhaps even strafing from side to side. Your target reticule won’t turn red like it does with a real player when you point at it. So pause before you shoot. Holograms will, however, hop over obstacles and go up gravity lifts if you send them that way.

4) Move, stop, and send that Hologram running in the path you were taking. If you see enemies on your sensor they’ve also seen you. Try stopping, crouching to go invisible and then sending your Hologram in the path that you were moving. Your enemies will think that the Hologram is you.

5) If you see some team-mates in bother, send a Hologram in to help confuse the enemy and stay back and target them from a distance.

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    Halo Reach   A Guide To Holograms

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