Halo Reach: How To Drive… The Banshee

Published on September 22nd, 2010

Probably the trickiest vehicle to drive in all of Halo, but definitely the most satisfying. The air-bound is hard to keep in the sky and aiming its plasma hail down to the earth, but if you follow this handy little guide, you’ll be racking up the killstreaks in no time.

It’s good to remember that, like the Ghost, all of the Banshee’s throttle is on the left stick. So if you’re in the air, aim down with the right stick at your enemies, and make sure you’re not pushing forward in the left or you’ll hurtle groundwards. Maintaining a balance is crucial here. It can help to strafe, as it will keep you from accelerating.

Remember there are aerial manoeuvres on the A button, too. A double tap as you are strafing send you into a barrel roll, while if you hold down on the left stick and hit A twice, you’ll backflip into a skyward thrust. Don’t overuse it, or you will crash. Hard.

Also, don’t forget that jetpackers can launch themselves up to you and throw you out, so keep your eyes peeled. No one likes getting chucked out of a Banshee. You look like an idiot.

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    Halo Reach: How To Drive... The Banshee

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