God of War III – Hades’ Palace Walkthrough

Published on March 8th, 2010

SPOILER WARNING – This walkthrough documents activity that takes place around 2 hours into . There are minor spoilers.

Once you’ve climbed the vines on the central pillar and fought your way through the pair of Minotaurs and devil dogs, you’ll be thrown into the centre of Hades’ Palace.

Turn the lever ahead of you to raise Persephone’s casket, then grab it using R1 to lower the ladders either side of the statue.

First, climb the ladder to your left, then head to the back right of the area where you’ll find a lift. Activate the lift and head down. You’ll need to grab the cart of stones that you used to jam the wheel before and place them in the lift.

God of War III – Hades’ Palace Walkthrough

Be sure to tackle the left lever first before attempting to deal with the right.

Head back up and drag the cart over to the wheel towards the bottom of the screen, but don’t activate the wheel yet. Instead, jump down the ladder and turn the lever, then quickly head back up, activate the lever, and jam it with the stones.

Then jump back down the ladder, turn the central lever again and head up the right-hand set of stairs. Turn the wheel and Hades’ chest should be left exposed.

Head back down, grab Persephone’s casket and the puzzle is solved!

If you’re still stuck, use the video below for a visual walkthrough.


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    God of War III – Hades’ Palace Walkthrough

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