God Of War 3: Boss Battle Guide – How To Defeat Hercules

Published on March 25th, 2010

In Part Three of our guide, we take a look at the battle against the Son of Jupiter, . Check out these strategies and tips for defeating him quickly and efficiently.

Kratos looks like a wimp with Hercules towering over him, but he doesn’t have all of the magical moves as the previous two boss battles: the fight against Poseidon and Hades. Hercules leaves the initial dirty work to his minions, which you can soon defeat by stringing together combos, a mixture of heavy and light attacks, or by using magic. He’ll then jump into the arena and then you’ll then have to deal with him and a fresh lot of goons. There’s a wall of spikes in the arena so watch out for Hercules’ heavy attack. He knock you backwards into the spikes and you’ll have to press L1 and R1 repeatedly to prize yourself off them. You’ll need to use defensive moves as well as attacking ones to fight him and it’s worth using magic whenever you can to see off his minions who will constantly attack you.

Soon into the fight he’ll charge at you and you’ll wrestle each other. Wait for the context button to appear and then press Circle to push him back. You’ll pick him up on your shoulders and be able to throw him into the wall of spikes. You’ll need to do this twice before moving onto the next stage of the fight.

God Of War 3: Boss Battle Guide   How To Defeat Hercules

The bigger they are, the harder they fall

Hercules will stand with his back to you with a Circle glowing over his head. Walk up to him and press Circle. You’ll give him a dig in the ribs and a smack across the face before ripping the metal boxing glove, Neaman Cestus, from him. For a short period you won’t have a weapon. As Hercules moves toward you get ready to follow the context sensitive action of half-circling your analog stick counter-clockwise. You’ll now have the other glove. Hercules resorts to brute strength and will try and wrestle you to the ground. Just stand your distance move in for an attack and then back off. Keep repeating this until the next sequence triggers.

Hercules will lift the arena up sending you sprawling backwards. Hanging off the end you’ll need to tap Circle and then L1 and R1 simultaneously to get back onto firm ground. As you run up the arena, which is now standing vertically you’ll need to follow a few more context sensitive actions (Square, Square, Circle) before coming face to face with the big man again. Cave his face in by tapping Circle repeatedly. He’ll die and you’ll both fall through the level into some water.

Dive down into the water to retrieve Hercules’ shoulder guard, which will give you added protection.

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    God Of War 3: Boss Battle Guide   How To Defeat Hercules

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