God Of War 3: Boss Battle Guide – How To Defeat Cronos

Published on March 28th, 2010

In Part Four of our guide, we take a look at the battle against the youngest of the first generations of Titans, Cronos. Check out these strategies and tips for defeating him quickly and efficiently.

This is the longest fight so far, so be prepared to concentrate intently. As soon as the battle begins you’ll need to hammer your circle button to avoid getting pummelled by Cronos’ fist. Look at his eyes. You’ll see they have golden dust all around them, which means that you can use your Head of power to temporarily blind him. Hold down L2 and press triangle to unleash a Solar Flare. This will trigger a short sequence when you fly through the air, get ready to press a context button to land on his hand.

Some sword-weilding baddies will spawn that are easily disposed off with a combination of magic, or light and heavy attacks. Take them all out and then hoist yourself up his hand until you see the glowng red open wound. Wack it to get his attention. More baddies attack you while Cronos breathes on you with his, erm, lethal bad breath. He’ll then bring his hand crashing down toward you and you have small window of opportunity to wack his nail. Go for the middle finger! He’ll back off for a few moments before slamming his hand down again. This will make you fly up in the air and you then you have to move your analog stick half-circle to avoid death. Back on his hand once more fighting off the baddies, he’ll bring his hand crashing back down toward you. Go for his fingernail again, hitting it until the circle appears. When it does you’ll be able to rip his fingernail clean off. Nice!

God Of War 3: Boss Battle Guide   How To Defeat Cronos

The bigger they are, the harder they fall

That doesn’t phase him. He calls you a “little bastard” and then slams his whole hand down. Stick to the light area to avoid being crushed and then jump up onto his hand. Climb up and get ready to unleash your Solar Flare to blind him once more. You’ll drop down and have to press a context button to grapple to his stomach safely. Fighting off a few of his minions you can make your way up his body by following the fleshy coloured parts of his skin. You’ll find a grappling point that you can swing from, so use it to get to the platform. Two hammer wielding guards will attack you but they’re easy to grapple off the platform. Open the doors in front of you and then slice at the open wound to see the Onyx. A new wave of skeletal enemies will attack you before Crono grabs you in his palm. Just carry on fighting when he opens his hand up. Cronos will bring his other hand down to crush you and you can move it off by tapping the circle button. You’ll now be fighting upside down until you’re thrown off. Get ready to latch onto five grapple points which you’ll have to swing between.

Run for your life, keep running and latch onto another grapple point. Don’t stop to fight enemies otherwise you’ll die. At the next platform more soldiers to fight and a cyclops. You’ll slide off the platform with the Cyclops and have to follow two context sensitive actions. Cronos will snatch you and swallow you. Slide down his throat with R1. Slide down to the bottom and you’ll trigger a sequence that will see you piercing the skin from the inside to out by tapping the circle button and you’ll slice out his innards. Climb up onto his fingernail and glide down to the platform. Hit the Onyx to release it but get ready to press Square as you get flung back. Walk up his face to his forehead where you’ll have to press circle and then hold L2 and R2 to finally kill him. The mighty beast has fallen!

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    God Of War 3: Boss Battle Guide   How To Defeat Cronos

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