God Of War 3: Boss Battle Guide – How To Defeat Chimera And Helios

Published on March 24th, 2010

In the City of Olympia before you face the big boss, Hercules, you’ll tackle two mini-bosses: the monstrous fire-breathing and the Son of the Titans, . Check out these strategies and tips for defeating them quickly and efficiently.

Chimera appears in front of you in three forms. In Greek mythology Chimera was fire-breathing creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of multiple animals. First up, he’ll attack you with his long swishing tail that has a snake on the end which spits poisonous venom at you. Keep circling Chimera avoiding the head of the snake, trying to get behind him so you can launch attack without fear of getting hurt. Use blocks and heavy attacks, or the Grapple Pull And Square move to hurt him. As as soon as the circle appears over his head, press it and you’ll slice that tail straight off.

Next up, he’ll attack with fireballs from his Lion’s Head. Summon a Demon to do some damage and be sure to dodge fireballs and then counter attack during the time when Chimera will be preparing for his next attack. Carry on until you see the circle above his head. Move in for the kill!

Finally, you’ll face the Ram. The Ram will try to batter you with his horns, but you can jump and dodge out of the way and use a variety of combos to take him out. When the circle appears you’ll be able to get in close, rip his horn off and shove it right through his eye.


God Of War 3: Boss Battle Guide   How To Defeat Chimera And Helios

Rip his head clean off his shoulders

When you stumble upon Helios, his guards will immediately surround him to protect him with their shields. The shielded wall cannot be penetrated by any of your weapons. Walk to the left and you’ll see a Cyclops brandishing a huge club. He’ll come toward you and try and pound you into the ground. Just roll out of the way and try and get behind him to deliver a few hard blows. Once the circle appears above his head you’re able to ride him like a donkey toward Helios and his group of soldiers. The power of the Cyclops is no match for Helios and his guards, so just batter them to smithereens before turning on the Cyclops and following a couple of context sensitive actions to kill him too.

Finally you face Helios. Get ready for the words: “Feel the power of the Sun!” Though you’ll be prompted on what to do next, it’ s hard to see the tiny diagram which is actually telling you to use your right analogue stick to control Kratos’ hand. Just move it around to block out the bright light that Helios is aiming toward you. Move toward him while you’re blocking the light and when you get close enough you’ll see the Circle above his head. You’ll be able to stamp on his head repeatedly and then use L1 and R1 to pull his head clean off. Very nice!

Check to the right of Helios’ body to pick up his shield which will grant you further protection.

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    God Of War 3: Boss Battle Guide   How To Defeat Chimera And Helios

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