How to fix FIFA 12’s Server Disconnect errors (Xbox 360)

Published on October 4th, 2011

Many users have been reporting problems connecting to EA’s servers while attempting to play a Head To Head Seasons game or load Ultimate Team.

At the time of writing EA had yet to issue a solution for the problem, but we’ve found a fix that should let you play the affected game modes and speed up the game’s menu screens.

All you need to do is copy all of FIFA 12’s data files (excluding the install file if you’ve decided to install the game) from your Xbox 360 hard drive onto a USB memory stick.

To do this, insert a USB memory stick while on the Xbox 360 dashboard. The memory stick must be formatted to work on an Xbox 360 (instructions on how to do so can be found here).

After you’ve inserted the memory stick, head to the System Settings menu under the My Xbox tab.

Select Memory > Hard Drive > Games > FIFA 12.

From the FIFA 12 menu, select each file individually (excluding the large install file if you’ve installed the game) and move each of them to the USB stick.

Then head back to the main dashboard and load FIFA 12. Be sure to select the USB Memory Stick option when it asks which device you’d like to save to.

You should now be able to access Head To Head Seasons and Ultimate Team.


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    How to fix FIFA 12’s Server Disconnect errors (Xbox 360)

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