How to Find Skyrim's Skill Trainers: Archery

Published on January 3rd, 2012

We know your pain. Finding well versed in the area of expertise you want to improve in Skyrim can at times seem maddening. Sure there are lots of NPCs who will help you out for a fee, but they rarely offer exactly what you want. That’s where we come in!

Starting with , we’ll be listing every trainer NPC in Skyrim including what skill they can improve, what level of expertise they possess and more importantly where exactly you can find them.


How to Find Skyrim's Skill Trainers: Archery

Faendal is a bit of a dope, but he's offers good introductory rates.

Level: Adept (can train up to level 50)

Location: Riverwood

Extra Info: This NPC is very close to the initial spawn point after the introductory dungeon and if you complete the ‘Love Letter to Camilla’ quest in his favour, he’ll give you free session of archery training.

Aela the Huntress

How to Find Skyrim's Skill Trainers: Archery

Look for the boat-shaped dwelling.

Location: Whiterun inside the Companion Guild headquarters, known as Jorrvaskr.

Level: Expert (can train up to level 75)

Extra Info: Aela can be found wondering both inside and outside of guild HQ, but she’s always in the main grounds. Be sure to seek her out for training before you attempt the guild quest at Gallows Rock, as she won’t be able to be easily found after that point.


How to Find Skyrim's Skill Trainers: Archery

Niruin is always practicing.

Location: Inside the Thieves Guild in Riften

Level: Master (can train up to level 100)

Extra Info: The Thieves Guild HQ can be found by entering The Ratways, which is accessible via the northern segment of Riften by the sewers. Once inside head to the Ragged Flaggon and look for a passageway adjacent to the bar. From there head into the Cistern room, run straight ahead and follow the passageway until you see a large room filled with archery targets and a practicing bowman, that’s Nirium. Occasionally he’ll be drinking at the bar, but more times than not he’s perfecting his art on this range.


How to Find Skyrim's Skill Trainers: Archery

If you're good enough meeting Angi can be very worthwhile...

Location: A camp located to the south of Falkreath

Level: Master (can train up to level 100)

Extra info: If you run out of cash training with the aforementioned specialists, this female ranger is definitely worth a visit! She’ll ask you to complete four quick trials, each of which will raise your archery stats and at the end of you’ll be rewarded with a new bow. However getting to her will involve a long-trek up the southern-most mountain in Skyrim which is full of dead-ends, so be sure to know where you’re going; guide forthcoming…

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    How to Find Skyrim's Skill Trainers: Archery

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