Final Fantasy XIII: Orphan Boss Battle

Published on April 12th, 2010

Now you have taken out Barthandelus, it is time to tackle . Split into two-forms and 2 separate battles, can be quite a tricky battle. As usual, Gamerzines has you covered with a complete guide on how to destroy this Fal’Cie once and for all.

Final Fantasy XIII: Orphan Boss Battle

Orphan's second and final form.

As we said before, Orphan is split into two separate battles. One form which is combined with Barthandelus and the other which is pure Orphan. As we told you in our Barthandelus guide, you will need Cherub’s Crowns to effectively take this bad boy out. Make sure to buy 2 of them from the B&W Outfitters prior to entering this battle.


Once the battle begins, hit start and retry. This allows you to switch up any paradigms, equip new gear and organise your party before participating in the next battle.

Your party leader, , must have 3 Cherub’s Crowns equipped. This boss randomly casts death and it isn’t worth risking the whole battle! After you have done so, set up the following Paradigms;

  • Lightning: Commando / : Commando / Hope: Ravager- (Aggression)
  • Lightning: Medic / Fang: Saboteur / Hope: Synergist- (Evened Odds)
  • Lightning: Commando / Fang: Sentinel / Hope: Ravager – (Delta Attack)
  • Lightning: Ravager / Fang: Commando / Hope: Ravager – (Relentless Assault)
  • Lightning: Ravager / Fang: Synergist / Hope: Ravager – (Mystic Tower)
  • Lightning: Medic / Fang: Sentinel / Hope: Medic – (Combat Clinic)

Make sure that Protection is your active/starting paradigm. When you see the move Consummate Light or Consummate Darkness, shift to combat clinic as fast as you can. These moves are always followed by Merciless Judgement which will pretty much set all your party to near critical. Make sure you do it quickly as once Merciless Judgement is cast you cannot control or change your paradigms until the attack has finished.

Once you have recovered from Merciless Judgement, switch to Evened Odds and start casting some negative effects onto Orphan. At least 5 should do, make sure it includes Slow. Switch to Relentless Assault and start attacking, only taking breaks to heal or defend from the above move sets.

Once the stagger of Orphan hits 50% then switch to Combat Clinic. Orphan will cast Merciless Judgement before the stagger is over. So don’t think you are safe even during a stagger. This does add a routine to the battle. Debuff, attack, stagger, defend/heal, repeat.

After you have taken a large chunk of Orphan’s health away, it will start to cast Merciless Judgement randomly. Make sure to switch to Combat Clinic as soon as you see the prompt. Just keep debuffing, attacking and staggering. This half of the battle should take around 10 minutes depending on skill and level.


Now are you taking on Orphan’s second form. At the start of the battle, Orphan will cast Doom on your party leader. Your best bet is to press start and retry. Removing the Cherub’s Crowns from Lightning and using a set to increase attack damage. This battle can end pretty quickly if you time it right.

Switch to Relentless Assault and start attacking. You’ll notice that none of your attacks are working but the stagger meter is growing. Orphan is immune to attacks until staggered, so aim to stagger it straight away. Lightning’s Army of One is perfect for building up a stagger if needs be. Keep switching between Relentless Assault and Combat Clinic to heal. Once Orphan is staggered and at 999%, switch to Aggression.

Once the stagger ends, switch to Evened Odds and dispel any positive effects Orphan has cheekily cast upon itself. Then repeat the above. Orphan should fall after 3-4 staggers.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Orphan Boss Battle

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    1. Posted by AW on May 9th, 2010, 18:52

      You didnt suggest a protection paradigm, but you suggested to make paradigm start from protection?? I’m gonna guess you meant evened odds and give it shot..

    2. Posted by AW on May 9th, 2010, 18:59

      i think I got what you mean by protection, probably combat clinic since he attempter the merciless judgement right aster it started.

    3. Posted by rich L of New Haven on June 16th, 2010, 02:40

      No-one is able to help me win the 2nd form of Orphan. The closest I have been is with Vanille, Light, Fang as SAB-MED_MED and I kept casting POISON and the green bar of the enemy moved down faster than any other way BUT with 1/3 to go Orphan begins to buff you with negative spells and even with two medics you cannot win this fight. Everyone says to use, RAV-RAV-COM but you only get one shot before you need to heal again because that freaking hand keeps slapping you. One shot then heal does me no good. Like I said, the closest I came was with POISON, using it solely but it didn’t work in the end. Perhaps I need to start the game over and work the Crystals better. Oh sure, I followed the players guide on how to gro your band of characters but it’s not fool-proof. Next time I’ll grow Lightning as a SAB and Hope and Fang as MEDICs in order to fight that last fight.
      It’s a weird game folks. Even after you beat the last boss you still have more than 1/2 of the game to go because of the side-quests. You don’t even get to create new weapons until later. Saving those components was fruitless because you don’t even get to use them until after you begin the side quests.
      Like I said, I guess I’ll just start over. agh!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Posted by blaargstar on June 29th, 2010, 21:21

      your stupid.

    5. Posted by monolithic on July 21st, 2010, 11:14

      Actually in the second phase I managed to defeat orphan in 1.15. Just use smart bomb to build up stagger and inflict deprotect, deshield and imperil. Just one stagger was needed

    6. Posted by dave cairns on September 23rd, 2010, 02:56

      Iv just beat orphan part 2 in one stagger mode I used lightning fang and hope I wad dealing between 70k and 99999 and I am very happy Ty for your tip

    7. Posted by Nysoni on November 18th, 2013, 23:31

      I’m having a tough time with Orphan. Is is necessary to have ultimate weapons for this battle for all three characters? and what’s the best weapon for Lightning to upgrade to the ultimate? and does any particular gear make a big difference besides the Cherub crowns?

    8. Posted by Duane Wyatt on April 16th, 2014, 09:04

      I just completed it and thought it was very easy, the 1st and 2nd was hardest but Orphan was a joke. I used lightening, vanille and Sash and killed him first time and only had about 6000 hp. To be honest I thought the whole game was a joke to be honest I loved playing it because played all final fantasy games and a great fan but its lost its meaning from number 7. I would just play it and you complete it in no time.

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