Final Fantasy XIII: Long Gui

Published on April 11th, 2010

So you’ve unlocked the Limit Breaker, why not unlock Adamant Will while you’re at it. This one isn’t so easy and will require a very strong party to do so. We’ve got some tricks for any of you really struggling to pull it off however. Check them out after the break.

Final Fantasy XIII: Long Gui

Long Gui is the big daddy of the Oretoisis family.

Once you’ve completed mission 51, the Long Gui are let loose on the Archylte Steppe.  You can tell them apart from the normal Adamantoise by their slightly blue tint. Don’t rush into battle with these bad boys, if you are not strong enough then you’ll be taken out within the first stamp of its feet.

There are several ways of tackling the Long Gui. We’ll talk about two obtainable ones, the elixir trick and the death spell trick.

Elixir Trick

To do this trick you will need to have not used any of your Doctor’s Code accessories. Your party must also have at least their main roles maxed out. Upgrade all of your Doctor’s Code accessories and then save your game. After saving, dismantle them to gain Elixirs.

Make sure your TP is full prior to battle, use some shrouds and head on in. A team of , Fang and is ideal. Just make sure you have Rav/Rav/Rav, Sab/Sab/Sab, Com/Com/Com and Med/Sen/Med paradigms set up.

At the start of the battle, have Vanille summon her eidolon to bring the Long Gui’s down. Makre sure you use an elixir straight after to recover your TP. Then, switch to Sab/Sab/Sab and start pumping all sorts of negative status effects into it.

Ideally you will want to cast deprotect, imperil and poison onto the Long Gui. Once you have successfully casted these onto the Long Gui, switch to Rav/Rav/Rav and build up the stagger bar to 999%. Once you’ve hit 999%, switch to Com/Com/Com and keep attacking until the Long Gui starts to get back up.

Once this happens just cast summon to bring Long Gui down again. You should only need to do this one more time before finally dispatching the Long Gui and unlocking the /achievement.

Death Spell Trick

This one is a bit more specific with what you have to do but doesn’t require you to waste elixirs. Set up your party like this;

  • Vanille: Synergist / Fang: Saboteur / : Synergist
  • Vanille: Ravager / Fang: Ravager / Lightning: Ravager
  • Vanille: Saboteur / Fang: Commando / Lightning: Commando
  • Vanille: Commando / Fang: Commando / Lightning: Commando

Make sure to equip Vanille with a Genji glove so she can break the damage limit. You should also pile her up with any accessory that boosts her magic.

Cast some shrouds then head into battle. Summon her eidolon first, then quickly come out of it by going into gestalt mode and using the finishing attack. Now the real challenge begins, cast Libra and start giving your party some positive status effects. Make sure you get Faithra, Haste and Enfire. Also try to get Fang to cast imperil on the beast before switching to Sab/Com/Com. Try to get the Long Gui’s stagger meter up to 7-800% before going forward.

Once switched, you’ll want to have Vanille cast Death onto the Long Gui. Once you have cast it, quickly change to Com/Com/Com and you will get a damage bonus on the Death spell resulting in a 999,999 damage caused with each death cast. Keep hammering away with this trick until you take the Long Gui out.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Long Gui

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