Final Fantasy XIII: The Faultwarrens

Published on April 11th, 2010

The is where you take on some of the harder Cie’th stone missions called ‘’. The colossal Fal’Cie, Titan, observes as you make your way through the maze and challenges you to fight various monsters each time you trek through. To save you some time, we’ve compiled a list of how to get through the Titan Trails efficiently.

Final Fantasy XIII: The Faultwarrens

The last of the Fal'Cie who rules over Gran Pulse.

We’ve been wondering what that giant monster in the background of the Archlytle Steppe was. Titan is the last Fal’Cie you encounter in but, unfortunately, you don’t get to take on the beast himself. Instead, you fight several of the Titan’s most prized creations in the Faultwarrens.

Missions 35 to 51 are found scattered across the Faultwarrens and you must taken on certain boss fights repeatedly to get through to the next stage.  We recommend you have at least 3 level 5 roles on each character before progressing into the Faultwarrens. This isn’t because of difficulty but because of the time it will take you to run through each area.

Final Fantasy XIII: The FaultwarrensTitan’s Throne runs challenges E1-7. You can access them as follows;

  • The Gaian Path (D1) – E1 & E7
  • The Salamandrine Path (D2) – E7, E2 and E3
  • The Sylphid Path (D3) – E4, E7 & E5
  • The Nereid Path (D4) – E6 & E7

Mix and match as you go through. During your first few initial runs, try to take unique paths each time. Then, when you have gone through each unique path, check which challenges are left and plan your route accordingly.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: The Faultwarrens

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