Final Fantasy XIII: Eidolon Guide

Published on March 5th, 2010

The summon system in is very different from previous titles in the series. This time you must tame the before it becomes your ally in battle. It isn’t a matter of just doing damage to the but also to perform specific attacks/spells that raise the summon’s Gestalt meter. So here are some tricks to claiming all the Eidolons in your game .

Final Fantasy XIII: Eidolon Guide

These six l'Cie have Eidolons to unlock.

Each party member has an Eidolon, all with specific abilities and requirements. Check out the guides below for help in quickly taming the summons before the time runs out.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Eidolon Guide

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    1. Posted by Kyle Hughson on July 9th, 2013, 18:39

      Perfect guide. helped 100%

      although i did find in “Vanille – Hecatoncheir” the first loadout Saboteur – saboteur was better as Saboteur – Commando. Fang didn’t really do much for me when she was a sabatour, there were even times she just stood there and didn’t do anything until i made her a sentinel. That one though did take me over 5 retries.

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