Final Fantasy XIII: Cid Raines Boss Battle

Published on March 30th, 2010

The fight with Cid Raines is awesome. Really awesome. It can also be quite a struggle as Cid changes his fighting style throughout the battle. He is pretty relentless with his attacks but luckily GamerZines have a handy guide to take him out swiftly. Click the jump to see the easy way to take him out.

If you have tried to battle him a few times and are really struggling, then this area is great for gathering some worthwhile CP. Ideally, you’ll want to near max what you can in one of your main roles and have some points popped in your lesser roles as well. Keeping your team balanced is very important as you want to be able to switch around.

Final Fantasy XIII: Cid Raines Boss Battle

In Cid Raines' final form he is covered in crystals.

Set up these paradigms;

  • Lightning: Medic / Fang: Saboteur / Hope: Synergist- (Evened Odds)
  • Lightning: Commando / Fang: Sentinel / Hope: Ravager – (Delta Attack)
  • Lightning: Ravager / Fang: Commando / Hope: Ravager – (Relentless Assault)
  • Lightning: Medic / Fang: Sentinel / Hope: Medic – (Combat Clinic)

Start off with Evened Odds and cast Curse and Slow onto Raines, keep casting until Hope has buffed the party up with at least 4 buffs per party member. If you have the debuffs on Raines cast, switch to Delta attack and start dealing damage. He should be in the Offensive Shift right now. Once he switched to Defensive Shift switch to Relentless Attack. You’ll want to build up the chain meter to do more damage for when he switches again. You can also take this time to heal up and buff, so switch between Combat Clinic or Evened Odds depending on what you need.

Raines will go into a Recovery Shift, which removes all negative status effects on himself and heal, once you get his chain gauge to around 60/70% full. Keep up with Relentless Attack for this mode but get ready to switch to Delta Attack when Raines is near finished in stagger mode. He will use two moves, Metamorphose and Seraphic Ray. Both will do some serious damage to your team and, if there is not sentinel active in your team, could result in a game over.

The trick is to do as much damage as possible while he is in stagger and if you are lucky the commando will flip Raines into the air with launch so you can keep doing damage to his without worry of being attacked back.

Once Raines has been staggered, he drops any pre-warning of what shifts he’ll be moving into. So you’ll have to keep an eye on how he changes and fights so you can fit a strategy to each mode like before. He will also become more aggressive with healing and casting negative status effects on your party. It might take a while but playing the defence card is your best bet to victory.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Cid Raines Boss Battle

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    1. Posted by xendy on May 22nd, 2010, 14:56

      i tired try this………..

      i use : lightning/snow/vannille but i always game over when his hp gauge low……

      can i use gameshark?????? like use a cw cheats on the psp….
      please helpp!!!!

    2. Posted by Synthex on May 29th, 2010, 10:41

      Snow, Lightning (good as healer), Fang

      first chain him up (for this constantly change between [ravager, ravager, commando] and [sentinel, healer, sentinel]).
      As soon as he is chained up, switch to [commando, commando, commando].

      You’ll finish him before he can even change his form.

    3. Posted by damon on June 9th, 2010, 13:36


      have; poison, deshell, and deprotect for SAB.

    4. Posted by ludOnline on September 3rd, 2010, 16:44


      Your strategy rocks!! I thought it was usesless, but gave it a try.

      Before you know it your finished. It only took me 2.10

    5. Posted by Gamexp on September 13th, 2010, 20:55

      can somebody tell me step by step how to deafted the first battle of Barthandelus

    6. Posted by Foss on June 25th, 2011, 06:58

      This is THE hardest story battle in any ff i can remember playing. It’s so frustrating!!

    7. Posted by soli on April 12th, 2012, 23:22

      all i have so far is that sazh’s haste is probably the most helpful thing in the (many) times i’ve tried the different combos in fighting cid.

    8. Posted by Nika-live09 on June 27th, 2012, 10:29

      I used Light/Snow/Vanille for this fight and just went along with what I had set up at the time coz I totatlly didn’t know what to expect lol xD but I still killed him easy (though Odin was used to help during stagger)

    9. Posted by Natalie N Luongo on July 15th, 2012, 02:30

      At first I totally had problems with this JERK, I fought him so many times. and then i just was about to give up. i followed almost exactly as described here, but just keep Mystic Tower or Thaumartugy just in case because he does tend to be tricky if you keep amassing chain bonuses. Otherwise, with this guide, I kicked Rayne’s booty in a little over three minutes and thirty seconds, WITHOUT a summon.

    10. Posted by Natalie N Luongo on July 15th, 2012, 02:31

      i forgot to add that having fortisol and aegisol really helps, unless your synergists knows how to casts these buffs already. but then again you’d only really need haste and faith.

    11. Posted by fi on January 3rd, 2014, 06:49


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