Final Fantasy XIII: Chocobo Treasure Hunting

Published on April 11th, 2010

No Final Fantasy is complete without a ! This time, however, they aren’t hiding in forests or appearing randomly in battles. This time, you must save the from some nasty creatures to gain their loyalty. Follow the jump for more on unlocking the Chocobos in .

Final Fantasy XIII: Chocobo Treasure Hunting

Sadly, this little fella won't be carrying you around!

In XIII, Chocobos are used to dig for treasures and reach areas that Lightning can’t jump to. You can also use them to travel across the Archylte Steppe much quicker which is perfect when you are finishing off missions.

First of all, you’ll need to complete mission 12 to gain access to the Font of Namva area in Archlyte Steppe . This will unlock mission 14 which, once completed, will give you Gysahl Reins. This will unlock all the Chocobos in the area and let you ride them around.

Now you are on a Chocobo, you can treasure hunt. While running around, a small ‘!’ indicator will pop up above the yellow birds head. This means there is hidden treasure to be dug up nearby. Look at the Chocobo’s head and see which direction it is facing and head in that direction until you are prompted to dig.

These are some of the treasures you’ll pick up;

  • 1 Digs = Gold Nugget
  • 5 Digs = Tetradic Crown
  • 10 Digs = Tetradic Tiara
  • 15 Digs = Entite Ring
  • 20 Digs = Ribbon

You will also get a /Achievement for digging up the ribbon, so it is well worth your time searching for items. If you find yourself running around for a long time and no digging opportunities are coming up, leave the map and come back. This will reset all the dig sites on the map and let you return to the same areas and dig again.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chocobo Treasure Hunting

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    1. Posted by yanagi.akiko on June 28th, 2010, 22:39

      it also helps to switch your leader for new areas to dig.

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