Final Fantasy XIII: Alexander Eidolon Guide

Published on March 5th, 2010

Being the youngest and shortest member of the L’Cie team, Hope had to make a big impression somehow. Bring on , the legendary fortress-like . Alexander might be slow but his attacks will have a detrimental effect on the team.Luckily Gamerzines is here to offer you all the tactical advice you need in taming this colossal .

Final Fantasy XIII: Alexander Eidolon Guide

Alexander's Divine Judgement rains destructive light on the enemy.

There are two ways of tackling this Eidolon. The first is an all out attack taking moments to heal and defend. While the other is a more careful approach, building up barriers before bringing Alexander down. Either way is efficient but the first way works out to be a bit faster if not equally as risky.

If you want the quicker approach then set your paradigms as;

  • Hope: Ravager / Lightning: Ravager / Fang: Saboteur
  • Hope: Medic / Lightning: Medic / Fang: Sentinal
  • Hope: Ravager / Lightning: Ravager / Fang: Commando

With Alexander’s attacks being so slow, you’ll want to keep hammering him with magic and debuffs before he gets an attack in. Fang will bring down his defences while Hope and Lightning blast out chaining magical attacks. This should fill up the gestalt meter pretty quickly. The only time you’ll need to switch out is when you have been attacked and need to quickly fill up your health bars as soon as possible. When the meter is near full switch to a fully attacking black Ravager/Ravager/Commando to pump out the last few attacks before pushing the Square/X button and entering gestalt mode. Nice and easy!


If you want the safer approach then try these paradigms for size;

  • Hope: Synergist / Lightning: Medic / Fang: Sentinel
  • Hope: Medic / Lightning: Medic / Fang: Sentinel
  • Hope: Ravager / Lightning: Ravager / Fang: Commando

Have hope cast protect and shell on the party and once each member is buffed switch to the Ravager/Ravager/Commando paradigm. With this set up you will be able to withstand more of Alexander’s attacks but you’ll also be wasting time with waiting for Hope to rebuff characters once the effects ware-off. Same tactics as mentioned above however.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Alexander Eidolon Guide

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    1. Posted by Froi on June 6th, 2010, 05:23

      Thanks for the tips. The combination that worked for me was:
      Hope: synergist / Lightning: ravanger / Fang: saboteur
      Hope: Medic / Lightning: Medic / Fang: Sentinal
      Hope: Ravager / Lightning: Ravager / Fang: Commando

      Have a good one

    2. Posted by RaW D Coy on June 15th, 2010, 14:24

      Just get buffed up whith the damage resistance from hope. Hope: Synergist / Lightning: Medic / Fang: Sentinal, Then Go whith almost FULL DPS (damge)- Hope: Ravager / Lightning: Ravager / Fang: Sentinal. and when low on hp switch to Hope: Medic / Lightning: Medic / Fang: Sentinal and then when full on hp switch back to dps.

      (This is for those who have little low hp players, this is a good defense taktic and a safe one!)

    3. Posted by blimmin hell on August 5th, 2010, 01:42

      omg i used
      flick my poofinger and i did it in 2 seconds

    4. Posted by ryo on August 27th, 2010, 00:50

      Thanks for the tip was able to do it ib the 3rd try

    5. Posted by Dylan on January 18th, 2011, 01:00

      Dude thanks so much i used the first technique after trying about five-ten times then finding this article

    6. Posted by Alia on June 26th, 2014, 07:04

      What worked the best for me was to have the atb gauges fill up the slowest and always, ALWAYS have Fang as a sentinel. I didn’t really buff up; I would normally have either HOPE-rav LIGHT-medic FANG-sen or HOPE-rav LIGHT-com FANG-sen or HOPE-med LIGHT-rav FANG-sen. Those worked the best for me and I could win when I had around 1350 time left! (Note that when you put your atb gauge to fill slower it also gives you more time and Alexander is even slower!)

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