FIFA 12 Tactical Defending Guide

Published on September 27th, 2011

So you’ve picked up , and you’re struggling with the new tactical system, huh? Well fear not, you’re not alone. Follow these quick and easy tips to get your defensive line in tip-top shape!

1. Know your buttons

In every football game ever, A (X on PS3) has been used to lock your defender into his opponent and to make a tackle. NOT ANY MORE! In FIFA 12, you’ll need to press B (Circle) to make a standing tackle, X (Square) for a slide tackle, while A now ‘contains’ your opponent, meaning you’ll hover around him without actually launching into a tackle.

2. Jockey

The left trigger will jockey, as it always has done, and the right trigger will sprint. Use them together, though, and you can sprint jockey! Sounds obvious, but it’s crucial for , especially against a pacey winger.

3. Timing timing timing!

This is the most important part. You have to time your standing tackle! Wait for your opponent to show you too much of the ball and quickly hit B to stick a foot in. Mistime it and you’ll give away a foul or they’ll skip past you.

4. If all else fails, foul!

If you feel like you’ve been beaten for pace, hammer the B button a few times and your defender will grab a shirt, stick an arm across and generally make a nuisance of himself. Sometimes you’ll get away with it, sometimes you won’t, but at least you’ve slowed them down.

5. Slide!

The slide tackle has been largely abandoned in recent years, but here it’s a potent force again. If you see the opportunity, dive in and get that ball back!

Ultimately, tactical defending is about patience, controlling space and timing. Don’t be too desperate to win the ball back – good containment and pressure will often lead to a misplaced pass which you can intercept, just like the real thing.

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    FIFA 12 Tactical Defending Guide

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