Fallout New Vegas – Beginner's Guide And Tips

Published on October 23rd, 2010

New Vegas can be a daunting place for beginners. Check out and follow these tips and you’ll be off to a good start.

Don’t treat Fallout: New Vegas as a first person shooter, you’ll get slaughtered! Don’t rush into battles. Even in the early stages, if you haven’t collected bottle caps and stocked up at the general store with weapons and stimpacks, you’ll find yourself up against it. Plan ahead before you take on the main quests and always make sure you’re stocked up.

Search everywhere. There’s precious loot around every corner. Grab as much loot as you can carry. Initially, you’ll have plenty of space to carry items so don’t be fussy about what you pick up. Loot has immense value, none more so than being able to sell it to traders and gain bottle caps. With those bottle-caps you can then buy items that you really need, like weapons, ammo and health boosts.

Pay attention to ammo type when you’re buying from traders. Cross reference carefully the weapon you’re carrying with the ammo. It’s easy if you’re new to buy ammo for the wrong type of weapon and then find yourself short when you’re in a battle.

Levelling up makes you stronger, so carry out the easier side objectives to make this happen more quickly before taking on the main missions.

Understand your HUD and your compass. It notifies you of NPCS in the area, flags up red when there are enemies nearby and indicates the direction of your active quests. You can enter your pip boy at any time and change your active quest. This will change the marker on the compass and point you in the right direction. Your health and weapon condition is also shown on the HUD. Check your manual for more details; it will save your life!

Create hot-keys. You do this within your pip-boy. You can map weapons to your d-pad or keyboard, but can also map other items such as stimpacks and dynamite. In the heat of the moment you’ll want to be able to activate items or weapons quickly when you run out of ammo. Having stimpacks added to your hot-keys will be a life saver.

Activate your pip-boy if you need a breather during combat. You can root through the menus and see if there’s anything that might help you out if you’re up against it, or you can simply give yourself a couple of minutes to compose yourself before getting back into the fight.

Keep an eye on your health at all times. You can die very quickly. Stimpacks will help you out a lot, but you can also eat meat from animals. There’s no excuse for not having meat in your possession because you’ll encounter dozens of animals on your travels. Don’t pass an opportunity by, hunt those animals and kill them for their meat!

Save frequently. There are a few bugs in this game that may cause the screen to freeze and you’ll have to re-set and start from your last save point. This can be very frustrating. Also you should save after every successful fight so you don’t have to go through it all again.
You don’t have to spend your time wandering around the Wastelands. Once you discover a new area you can enter your pip-boy and fast travel to it. You can also move faster across the wastelands by placing your gun in your holster!

If you have any tips please let us know and we’ll add them to this article.


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    Fallout New Vegas   Beginner's Guide And Tips

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    1. Posted by Princess Stomper on October 23rd, 2010, 18:11

      Make multiple “fresh” saves rather than just keeping one save and saving over the top of it. If you make a mistake (such as accidentally killing someone), you may need to return to it later.

      Decide what type of weapons you’re going to specialise in and stick to it – sell off energy weapons quickly if you’re into traditional rifles, for example. Selling ammo is an easy way to make money; then grade things by weight – if it’s cheap and heavy, leave it behind! You don’t have to loot every tiny little thing.

      Be careful who you steal from – try not to make enemies unless you can help it.

      Learn how to pick locks, and try to pick as many as you can, even if you end up not taking anything. You get XP for successful picks.

      If you see a red mark on your compass but can’t actually see your foe yet, try entering VATS to zoom in on it. Even if you can’t take the shot in VATS, you’ve identified their position.

    2. Posted by Fallout veteran on January 23rd, 2011, 02:57

      No matter what you should always have a steady supply of ammo and stimpacts in your inventory. Also if you rent or own a hotel or house put all your inventorys items in storage so you can have plenty of space to collect what you need during your travels.(towards the end of the game you get a suite in the lucky 38)

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