Fable III – How To Open The Demon Door At Mistpeak Valley

Published on November 8th, 2010

There are six Demon Doors scattered around the world of Fable 3 and some can be very tricky to open if you don’t know how. Check out this guide on how to ensure a safe passageway.

This stone edifice seeks inspiration for a tale of Heroes.

To open this door you need to be in an online co-op game with another player. When you’re in Mistpeak Valley check the map and you should be able to see the Demon Door when in Mistpeak Valley. Heap uphill toward the snowy area, near the lake, and go under the bridge on the path into the valley. The path will lead you right up to the front door.

You need to complete an act of love or kindness, so this involves either kissing, hugging or proposing to your online partner. Before you do this you’ll need the Family and Lover Expression Pack from the Road to Rule. Use the positive expressions, such as hug and kiss on your partner and hopefully the door will open. If not, then propose to him/her and it will open.

You can now enter and gain a legendary weapon!

Note: You can play as the second character in local co-op mode. If you’re alone just create a new profile and use an extra controller.

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    Fable III   How To Open The Demon Door At Mistpeak Valley

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