Mass Effect 3: How to Beat Kai Leng

Published on March 12th, 2012

Spoilers ahead…

Just like its predecessor is a game full of boss battles, especially in the final third. Some are easy, others are difficult and to help you get through the tedium we’ve put together a guide focusing on the final bout with a key antagonist.

Mass Effect 3: How to Beat Kai Leng

This guy could give Raiden a run for this money, but not Commander Shepard

There are spoilers ahead, so please read with caution.

Kai Leng is The Illusive Man’s new right-hand man and even though you fight him before the proper boss fight at Cerberus HQ, he’s still surprisingly tricky mainly because he spawns in legions of troops to help him in the fight. It isn’t strictly fair to be honest, but if you follow our guidance you’ll show the cyber-ninja exactly who’s boss.

1. After you confront the Illusive Man, you’ll see Kai Leng saunter in and challenge your group to a fight. A QTE initiates itself and from there the fight is on!

2. Rather than fighting your squad by himself Kai Leng spawns in waves of soldiers to help take you out. The first wave consists of six regular Assault Troopers who shatter the floor on arrival, creating makeshift cover. Deploy biotic/tech

Mass Effect 3: How to Beat Kai Leng

We found using the Warp and Singularity the most affective powers to use during this battle.

powers to take them out quickly, they don’t have any shields so powers like singularity, warp and throw are most affective. Once the grunts are killed – it should only take a matter of seconds – focus all fire on Kai Leng. His shields will diminish and he’ll retreat to recharge which then brings in another wave.

3. The second wave consists of several Assault Troopers and two Nemesis snipers units and again when they arrive they’ll shatter the floor underneath them creating cover. This best tactic to use here is to take out the grunts as quick as possible and then deal with the snipers by ordering your squad-mates to focus their fire. Taking this group down takes a bit more time, so keep an eye out for Kai Leng, as he will try and take down either your teammates or yourself. Use medi-gel to revive them if you have to, but it’s best to save as much as you can for the final wave.

Mass Effect 3: How to Beat Kai Leng

Keeping your squad alive is very important, but try and use them to divert enemy attention, especially when the Ninjas arrive.

4. After you take the second wave out, Kai Leng again begins charging and summons two Phantom ninjas to battle in addition to four Assault Troopers. Now the tactic here is slightly different as any damage Kai Leng suffers will be permanent. However don’t focus on the prize just yet, instead keep your distance from both your main goal and his cronies. Take cover and focus all fire and powers on taking down the Phantoms are quick as possible. Taking out one is easy, but the second one will retreat as soon as you do so. You’ll need to be careful of any charge attacks from the Phantoms, as they can take out your shield in one hit. Focus fire on one, take cover, wait for the second one to re-appear and kill it. We found it helps to order your team-mates to different corners of the room, so you lessen the effects of the Phantoms close range attacks.

5. After they’re downed you’re free to attack Kai Leng. Attack-wise he’s very similar to the Phantoms, but he can kill you in one or two hits if he gets too close. Keep firing at him, take cover, retreat when he heads your way and you’ll take him out with minimal retries.

When it comes to boss battles Kai Leng is the most difficult in Mass Effect 3, but as long as you heed our advice you shouldn’t struggle to beat him.



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    Mass Effect 3: How to Beat Kai Leng

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    1. Posted by Ryan on March 15th, 2012, 06:00

      Interesting post. By the way, I wonder if you ever fight the Illusive Man as a boss character in Mass Effect 3?

    2. Posted by Tristan Close on March 17th, 2012, 06:44

      I hate this guy so much this is one of the harder levels for me. First time it took me like 10 times to finish it. Finally got through it thanks for your help!!

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