From Dust Complete Story Mode Walkthrough – High Tides

Published on August 23rd, 2011

Welcome to the complete game guide and walkthrough. There are numerous ways to complete each level, but this guide will tell you everything you need to know to ensure a safe passageway through this dynamically changing game world

This one introduces two new totem powers: engulf all and infinite earth. You’ll also want to make the most of totem-moving to get through this quickly.

Start by sending some people for the jellify water totem. You’ll need to wait for the water to empty out of the middle area before you can build a bridge across. Once they’ve constructed a village, send someone for the repel water knowledge. By this point, you should see how the tide works. Wait for it to go out again and rebuild the bridge so that your first village gets the repel water knowledge. Now, move your first village onto the land bridge that you made to connect the two villages. Do whatever you have to do to clear the water and build up the land. Do NOT use jellify water if you don’t absolutely have to. It’ll mess up the cycle of the tides and you’ll wind up always having water in the middle, which isn’t what you want if you’re doing this my way.

Of course, there are multiple ways to do this, but the way I’ve done it requires as little work from the laughably bad A.I. as possible. They just have to walk from Point A to Point B. First, when the water is almost completely drained from the middle area, jellify it. You will need to work very quickly here. Remove water from around the center totem with the infinte earth power so that you can send men to it. Also clear water so that there’s a path. Now, while they’re moving to the totem, move the jellify water totem as close to the infinite earth totem as you can. Quickly scoop out as much water as possible from the surrounding area. When the jellify water totem is set down, you will lose the jellify water ability, even if it still has time left, which is why you need to clear as much water out as possible. Don’t forget to use amplify breath here.

What this does, however, is give you a shorter recovery time. Instead of waiting a full 60 seconds to use jellify water again, you only have to wait until the men raise the little huts and complete the village. If you were quick about it, and somewhat lucky, you can use jellify water again before the center village is flooded. Clear the water out and the kite guy will have plenty of time to bring the knowledge of repel water to the center village. Now, clear the water out of the last totem area and build up a wall around it using infinite earth. When the middle area is fairly empty, use jellify water and clear a path for some men to get over to the last totem and take it. If you built the wall high enough (no reason not to), then you won’t even need repel water over here. Continue using infinite earth to wall off the middle area and turn the whole thing into vegetation. Keep an eye on the fire plants, though, or just move them to a rocky area. When you’re ready, head for the portal. It’s on the same island that the jellify water totem was on, but it’s only visible in low tide.

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    From Dust Complete Story Mode Walkthrough   High Tides

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