Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough – Chapter 8: Queen Bitch

Published on June 28th, 2011

Welcome to the walkthrough and game game guide. In tune with Duke Nukem’s unique brand of toilet humour, expect adult themes and the occasional swear word to pop up during this walkthrough. We’re sure you won’t mind though – if you’re easily offended, what are you doing playing Duke Nukem in the first place?

There’s an explosive cache in the room to the right. Throw a pipe bomb into the tunnel to the left so that it hits the bounce pad and enters the room with the explosive barrels. Detonate it and move on. You’ll come to the Alien Queen soon enough. You need to throw a pipe bomb onto one of the bounce pads on either side and let it bounce around, then detonate it to make the queen expose herself (literally). Hit her anywhere with rockets. She’ll attack back with her claw and a beam weapon, both of which can be avoided by staying at the far end on either side. She also throws out one of the facehugging insects. Keep doing this and she’ll eventually throw out an octobrain. The bounce pads will also explode, and she’ll simply be exposed all of the time. She’ll also attack all of the time.


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    Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough   Chapter 8: Queen Bitch

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