Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough – Chapter 4: Lady Killer

Published on June 21st, 2011

Welcome to the walkthrough and game game guide. In tune with Duke Nukem’s unique brand of toilet humour, expect adult themes and the occasional swear word to pop up during this walkthrough. We’re sure you won’t mind though – if you’re easily offended, what are you doing playing Duke Nukem in the first place?

When you reach the elevator, wait for it to start falling, then pull the brakes. You can’t stop it before it reaches a certain point. The goal here is to simply have it going slow enough when you reach that point. Just try not to overheat it too much. Pull it a bit, then let it go a bit, rinse and repeat until you reach the bottom. You’ll soon be shrunk. Go over to the luggage cart and walk against it to move it. The kid on the other side has an RC car you can get into. Keep driving around until you reach the bottom of the theater
area. Here, you’ll need to get up some speed and drive off the ramp resting against the central fountain. You’ll also ramp off of the broken sculpture in the middle of the fountain and get over to the other side that way.

After driving a bit more, you reach part 2. Drive through the first room and avoid being shot. You’ll reach a gate that your car won’t fit through. Crouch under it and jump up the suitcases to get up to the roulette table. Keep jumping across the tables and stools until you reach the couch. Jump on it to bounce up to the ledge. Your goal is the switch by the gate you came through. Be careful, as there are rats up here, and you’re small enough to be hurt by them. Hit the switch and get back in the car. Keep driving and you’ll soon reach some hallways with pig cops running down them that you have to avoid. Shortly after this you trash the car. Move up to the gate and push the luggage cart over to the button. Now use the ramp/poster to get onto the couch and make your way over to the button and push it.

In the next room you come back to full size. Break the glass ahead of you and grab the shotgun. You’ll now be trapped in the room as aliens teleport in all around. Some of them also have jetpacks. Once they’re all gone (and after they’ve snatched your babes), head back through the closed gate. You’ll be going back the way you came, so watch out for pig cops running down the halls. In the casino, you’ll be trapped with a few berserk pig cops. Take them down and more come through the ceiling. Eventually, regular pig cops toting shotguns also drop in, followed by aliens with jetpacks and teleporting aliens.

Keep going and you’ll reach yet another room with a car in the middle where you’re trapped with aliens. Teleporting aliens are everywhere, and berserk pig cops also drop in from time to time. Keep moving, because the cover isn’t going to mean much against these particular types of enemies. Once they’re down, play one of the slot machines. If you win (and you will, at least two of the machines are rigged), then you’ll get an ego boost. This only works one time though, so after you get the boost, open the gate and head on to part 3.

Take out the aliens until you reach the room with a big statue of yourself standing in the middle of some skyscrapers. Some of the skyscrapers will lower, but don’t hop on them just yet. Use the console in front of the exhibit. You’ll need to climb up the skyscrapers and then up the Duke statue to get to the next floor. Using the console, hold up to get the statue to raise it’s pistol all the way. Now, holding left or right, rotate the statue so that the pistol is pointing at the EDF soldier on the next floor. Now, when you’re ready,
press the Right Trigger to lower the skyscrapers again. Climb onto and across them, then jump onto the statue’s horizontal pistol. Jump up the statue, onto the other arm, and up to the next floor.

Kill the pig cop and go through the ventilation shaft. When you land, look behind you for an ammo crate. Shoot the trip mines here to make them explode. You can crouch under the next set, and use crates to hop over the set after that. Keep making your way past the trip mines until you start a fire by shooting them. At that point, shoot the fire extinguisher on the wall to put some of the fire out. Keep doing this and you’ll soon gain some trip mines of your own. Press the Left Bumper to place one. The next room is the perfect place to try them out. You’ll be in a small hallway of sorts, and pig cops will come charging at you. In the actual room part, some pig cops drop in along with an alien that hovers around and shoots rockets at you. It can also charge at you, so be on the move constantly. Take it down to finally end this chapter.


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    Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough   Chapter 4: Lady Killer

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