Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough – Chapter 3: Mothership Battle

Published on June 20th, 2011

Welcome to the walkthrough and game game guide. In tune with Duke Nukem’s unique brand of toilet humour, expect adult themes and the occasional swear word to pop up during this walkthrough. We’re sure you won’t mind though – if you’re easily offended, what are you doing playing Duke Nukem in the first place?

When you can fire the turret, start laying into the mothership’s cannon thing. Soon enough, drop ships will come down and start dumping out aliens with jetpacks. Try to take them out before they can even leave the ship, then take out the ship too, if you want. After a while, alien fighters will swoop in and do strafing runs on you with a laser. Take these guys out before they hit you. If they do hit you, your health will be dropped to almost nothing. The key to making it through this part is to keep your eyes open. Always be
watching for dropships and especially fighters. After the turret sequence is over, just move through the ventilation system until the level ends.


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    Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough   Chapter 3: Mothership Battle

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