Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough – Chapter 21: Blowin' the Dam

Published on July 19th, 2011

Welcome to the walkthrough and game game guide. In tune with Duke Nukem’s unique brand of toilet humour, expect adult themes and the occasional swear word to pop up during this walkthrough. We’re sure you won’t mind though – if you’re easily offended, what are you doing playing Duke Nukem in the first place?

Move forward and turn the valve when you get to it. Go up a bit and look for an opening you can move through. It’s above the yellow pipes with air bubbles on them. You’ll have to fight some octobrains in here. You should see three large yellow pipes forming arches. Go under them and plant the first bomb on the circular grating here. Now go to the left of that grating and turn the next valve to allow air to pass through the next pipe. Take out the octobrains that show up and move on, through the large hole in the rock. Keep following the pipe until you reach another valve and more octobrains. There’s one last valve to turn, sans octobrains, and then you can plant the bomb on the grating.

Excepting the grating flies off and the energy leech comes through it. Yes, you’ll have to battle this guy underwater, which means you’ll be relying solely on your eyes to let you know what’s going on. Grab an RPG and make sure you know where the air bubbles are at. Also note the ammo containers on either side. The leech likes to slam down on you, which is easily avoided by constantly moving. It’ll also shoot electric rockets at you from time to time. These too can be avoided by constantly moving. Sometimes it’ll try to suck you in towards it, which can be cancelled by hitting it with a rocket. Overall, this boos fight isn’t too hard, but it is easy to lose your bearings or forget that you need air. Once you’ve taken it down, pry open the vagina on it’s head and shove a bomb in there. After it’s blown up, enter the tunnel it came out of and go up when you reach the end. The second part of this is fairly straightforward: just run! You’ll come across a few berserk pig cops along the way, but it’s nothing big. After the rock falls onto the bridge (and the guy), use the ladder to get down below, then circle around to the other ladder and make your way back up top on the other side. Go right and crouch down, then drop into the big tunnel.


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    Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough – Chapter 21: Blowin' the Dam

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