Dead Rising 2: How to Defeat Snowflake

Published on October 4th, 2010

When it comes to difficulty, few games are more challenging than ’s . Thankfully we’re here to walk you through some of the more demanding portions of the game. In this guide we’ll focus on one of the early psychopath battles where you’ll need to neutralise a tiger named Snowflake and his insane handler Ted.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in the Yukatan Casino before the end of the second day, here are some tips to take down the terrible twosome.

  1. As soon as you walk into the Yukatan Casino, you’ll be hit on the head and dragged into the tiger Snowflake’s pen and that’s where the cut-scene leaves you, tasked with taking down not only the psychopath Ted, but a tiger named Snowflake too. First up don’t worry too Dead Rising 2: How to Defeat Snowflakemuch about the handler, finish him off with a nailed baseball bat, Defiler or any other melee based item. Ted may have a pistol but when attacking up close, the only defence he has is an under-powered kick and punch which is easy to avoid and buys you more time to get an attack in. After a four or five hits he’ll be down for the count.
  2. Once that happens, there will be another cutscene to mark Ted’s demise and now it’s onto the harder of the pair, the tiger Snowflake. While we don’t tolerate animal cruelty, in a zombie crisis pretty much anything goes, and when presented with the choice of killing a rare endangered species and ensuring our own survival we’ll take the latter every time. The tiger has two main attacks, a lunge which can incapacitate Chuck causing him considerable damage and a swipe which can take out a single HP bar. Ranged weapons are undoubtedly the way to go as Snowflake will run away whenever he is attacked, but be careful as he’ll be back and quickly too. A single shot from a handgun will only take down a slither of health, which is why you need to bring in the big guns.
  3. In the centre of the room there is a large structure, head towards it as soon as the battle starts and climb on top by approaching the side of Dead Rising 2: How to Defeat Snowflakethe monument. Atop this large prop you’ll find a light machine gun (LMG) and one dose of Zombrex. When you are on this structure you are completely safe and you’ll notice Snowflake constantly running around, attacking zombies in a frenzied manner. From here shoot at the tiger with the LMG, taking down a slither of the animal’s health as you hit.
  4. You’ll notice that occasionally he’ll come close to the structure, stalk around and roar. This is the best time to fire as you’ll waste minimalDead Rising 2: How to Defeat Snowflake ammo and ensure each shot hits the target. Only hit him when he is going slow, as when running around he is a devil to hit. Try and aim for the head to ensure the most damage is done. The beauty of staying on top of the monument is that you won’t be in danger from attack and when you’re finally out of bullets a significant part of Snowflake’s health will be spent, now it’s time to get up, close and personal.
  5. Towards the back of the structure, opposite the sign that advertises the Food Court, you’ll notice a Shotgun. Pick it up and make your way to the casino’s reception area, taking pot-shots at Snowflake as you go. Obviously when using the Shotgun make sure the tiger is close to take the most health off, and again don’t waste any ammo! If he lunges onto you once or twice along the way don’t worry.
  6. Jump over the counter and go into the back room, here you’ll find a survivor named Leroy who’s waiting to be saved and lots of health replenishing supplies. Stock up, head back outside and be sure to keep an eye out for Snowflake. Pepper down his health further by taking more shots, head back to the monument in the centre of the room and eventually he’ll keel over declaring you the victor.

In all, this method can take as long as eight minutes, but it gets the job done with minimal effort and risk.

Alternatively you don’t have to slay Snowflake, instead you can decide to tame him, earning you an invaluable ally and an achievement/trophy.

Dead Rising 2: How to Defeat Snowflake

Snowflake is very helpful ally.

Before entering the Yukatan Casino for the first time, head to the Food Court and collect four steaks from the Wild West Grill House. When you getto the psychopath battle, kill Ted, and leave Snowflake alone. All you need to do is throw the steaks onto the floor, near the path of the tiger. Be very careful not to hit the tiger, otherwise he won’t be your friend. If you need more steaks climb onto the rocks inside Snowflake’s pen where you’ll find three more.

As the hungry quadruped eats the steaks littering the floor he’ll bend to your whim and you’ll be able to let him follow you back to the safe house, killing many, many zombies along the way.

Nifty huh?

Sometimes there are alternatives to fighting…

Other things to consider:

  • If you need health at any point head to reception, in the back room there are plenty of supplies and it’s a good idea to stock up.
  • If you make your way to Yukatan Casino via the Food Court, look out for the assault rifle placed near the roof of the Speedy Expresso. Just gain access to the higher level, climb the vending machines near the entrain to Yukatan Casino.
  • When you finally defeat or liberate Snowflake, head back to Leroy in reception. This survivor will lead you to a switch which turns on the casino’s slot machines and  to poster which unlocks the ‘Freedom Bear’ item combination card.

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    Dead Rising 2: How to Defeat Snowflake

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