Dark Souls – How To Get Lot Of Souls Quickly/Soul Farming

Published on October 4th, 2011

Souls are invaluable in . They first really come into play in the area known as Undead Burg, where you meet a merchant who sells all kinds of precious weapons, armour and enchantments.

The easiest way to get souls is to kill enemies. When you die, you have a certain period of time to reach the spot where you died. You’ll see a green glow in that spot. When you press activate at the spot, you get back the souls you lost up to that point. Therefore, in an area near a bonfire where you know you can kill enemies fairly easily – preferably quite a lot of them. Kill as many as possible and leave just one standing. Now let him kill you. Make sure it’s fairly near the bonfire so that you haven’t got to run too far to reach your death spot and regain those lost souls.

All the enemies you’ve just killed will respawn after death. Go to the spot where you died and regain your souls, now kill all the enemies you previously killed. You’re effectively gaining double the amount of souls for just rinsing and repeating the same actions. Do this as many times as you want to stock up souls.


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    Dark Souls   How To Get Lot Of Souls Quickly/Soul Farming

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    1. Posted by mike wilson on October 24th, 2011, 09:24

      I’m sorry but that is a very poor and risky tactic. Firstly you don’t have a set amount of time to regain your lost souls , you just lose them if you die trying to retrieve them, thus replacing them with a new corpse to retrieve . And by intentionally getting killed your just asking for trouble because even a normal enemy can easily kill you if you drop concentration for just a second. Plus if you are in human form you will have lost all humanity used to make yourself human, therefore wasting a precious resource. So yes, farm near a bonfire in undead burg but just kill them all then take a 10 second trip back to the bonfire and respawn all the enemies, but don’t die on purpose that’s just foolish.

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