Crysis 2 – Beginner Tips And Game Guide

Published on April 20th, 2011

To a certain extent, takes you quite gently by the hand and introduces you to all its new game mechanics and abilities as you encounter them. But, by following a few simple rules and taking our tips on board, you’ll stand yourself in even better stead for the battle ahead.

Search every nook and cranny. Crysis 2 boasts some huge locations and hidden away you’ll find three sets of collectibles: Vehicle keys, dog tags and email conversations.

You may have access to the powerful Nanosuit, but one of your best weapons is the crouch button. Ducking behind cover regenerates your health, but you can also lean, peak and shoot over cover.

Don’t miss an opportunity to collect a Nano Catalyst from the body of a dead Ceph. You can spend these catalysts on upgrades, which will be invaluable when you hit the latter stages.

Keep an eye on the stealth metre. It may appear that enemies still seem to spot you when you’re cloaked, but it could be because you’re running or still getting too close. Collect Nano Catalysts from dead Ceph and then spend the points on the stealth upgrade from the Nano Customisation menu.

Don’t run and cloak at the same time unless you really need to, otherwise your energy metre will drain really fast. Walk when cloaked and you’ll be able to breeze straight past guards.

Activate armour mode when making a big jump. This will cushion the fall and ensure you don’t die.

Don’t waste big weapons on small enemies. Only use them as a last resort, against vehicles, or against some of the tougher Ceph.

Look out for explosive fuel barrels. Across some of the locations, you’ll see red fuel barrels sitting near to enemies. Shoot at them to make them explode.

Whenever you hear the words “Tactical Options Available” open your visor and assess the area. Almost always, stealth will be safest tactic.

It’s usual for players to play through Crysis 2 without using the power kick ability. It does come in extremely handy. By kicking cars, you can move them further up the battlefield and use them for cover effectively.

Detach any mounted weapon that you see. Mounted weapons can be detached and will make light work of foot soldiers.

Run like hell if you’re trapped in a tough situation. The sprint ability will get you out of plenty of scrapes. Run, hide and then cloak to lose any enemies following you.

Ceph hate sniper rifles. The DSG-1 is a powerful weapon against Ceph. Aim for the head and you may take them down in one shot.


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    Crysis 2   Beginner Tips And Game Guide

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