Command & Conquer 4: Class Guide – Defence

Published on March 16th, 2010

This week is finally released to an eager PC audience and to celebrate GamerZines will be offering hints to get you started. Here are five beginners’ tips for the Defence class to make the transition to the radical sequel’s new gameplay a little easier.

Move your Crawler:

Command & Conquer 4: Class Guide   Defence

Be sure to keep your units inside the bubble and the regen circle.

This class has one asset none of the others possess, the ability to build defensive structures. When guarding spawn, artillery or capture nodes always build closely knit groups of land and air turrets. These can still operate even if you have upped your crawler and moved to the other side of the map. They’ll provide a bit of defence but most importantly notify you off an enemy attack. These defence structures can be built as the same time as standard units and only cost power points to create, not effecting your command points.

Park Next to Nodes:

A bit obvious but still sound advice. Capturing any node is much easier when you can offer your units support, by deploying your crawler within arms length. Not only will you be able to build turrets to help, but the regen circle around your base will grant units a slither of extra health every second. As long as any unit stays within the circle area, identified with spanners at each point, they are much less likely to perish.

Occupy Any and All Buildings:

Command & Conquer 4: Class Guide   Defence

Buildings provide great cover for troops and take significant force to destroy.

As the only class capable of deploying troops en masse, make sure you scope out and occupy any buildings on multiplayer maps. Usually these structures are in critical positions either near nodes or Tiberium spawn points. Once under your control these structures can take a ridiculous amount of punishment and will make your enemies think twice before wandering into range. If you are forcefully evicted try and win the area back, as these buildings will slowly rebuild and become ripe for occupation within minutes.

Don’t be Afraid to Withdraw:

The strength of this class is with its defensive structures, if your crawler is taken out all of your buildings will lack power and cease to repel would be attackers. There’s a fine line between wimping out when faced with enemies and fighting a losing battle, but we find pressing the Q key to select all units is a good measuring stick when the going gets tough. If there are only a few units left alive get your forces and the crawler to the nearest allied base, or a friendly spawn point which is protected by automated turrets to cover your escape.

Get the Shield Upgrade:

Any defensive upgrade is a bonus in multiplayer, but the shield is definitely best for this class. Enveloping your base with an impenetrable barrier provides not only the crawler protection, but any units under the umbrella as well. It’ll buy you valuable seconds to think or build when facing the full brunt of an enemy attack.

We’ll have more guides for Command & Conquer soon, so keep checking back for more updates.


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    Command & Conquer 4: Class Guide   Defence

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