Call Of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough – Mission 2 – Vorkula

Published on November 14th, 2010

The walkthrough continues with your attempted escape from the Russian camp of ! In the guide, you’ll find tips on how to beat the enemy and locations of all the Intel collectibles on route.

Escape Vorkula

Secure The Keys
As soon as you can move you’ll pick up a rock automatically. Move toward the huge bulk of a guy and press the melee prompt as soon as it appears to crack him across the back of the head.

Ascend From The Darkness
You’re initially equipped with just a knife, but you can pick up a weapon as soon as you kill a guard. Move through the tunnel following Reznov, but be on your guard. Enemies will run toward you and you need to time it just right to kill them with you knife (use the melee attack.) Keep running and following Reznov until you reach the lift. When the lift door opens, sit back and watch Sergei plough an axe through some guy. Head to the next closed doors. If you haven’t done so already pick up the pistol on the desk to the left of the door where Reznov is standing.

Rain Fire
When the door opens, hang back until Reznov moves. When he goes, follow him and duck behind the coal truck with Sergei. The coal truck will keep moving forward and though you’ll initially be attacked from the left you’ll also be vulnerable to the right. Keep looking left and right and aiming for the head of any enemies as you move. You’ll find it much easier if you zoom in. There are a couple of red barrels on the right, so target them to take down two enemies. Keep moving until the coal stops.

Unleash The Horde
Follow Reznov into the building with the red star above the door. Head upstairs with Reznov and on the second floor pick up the Intel from on the desk. Now head to the roof.You need to use the slingshot to destroy three structures. Follow the instructions on screen to send the fireballs sky high. To get a direct hit, place the bottom horizontal bar of the targeting reticule on the middle of the white circle that represents the target. Start from the left and do the same for the next one. For the final target, because it is further away, you need to aim much higher. It doesn’t matter if you miss, you can have as many goes as you want. However, it you want to get the “Slingshot Kid” achievement then you need to get all three in one go. Place the bottom bar of the reticule on the guard tower.

Get A Shotgun
Head downstairs and follow Reznov. You’ll be given a shotgun automatically. Zoom in and shoot the lock.

Skewer The Winged Beast
Take a right (North) as soon as you can. Take the first few guys out, who are quite close, with the shotgun and then pick up a longer ranged weapon, such as the AK47 from one of the dead bodies. As you move around into the opening, watch out for the RPG armed soldier standing at an elevated position. You should now move slowly, letting your team-mates do the hard work and with your long ranged weapon picking off soldiers from a distance.

Before you move into the next area, where you see the truck and the building behind it, hang back and only press forward when everyone else does, otherwise you’ll get attacked from all sides. Take out the bad guys from the relatively safety of where your team are, and then push forward when they do. As soon as you enter this area, watch out for the guy with the RPG on the roof to the right, take him out as a priority. Don’t push forward to the objective marker through the centre of this area, otherwise you’ll be too exposed. Take the left hand route and systematically take down enemies as you move forward. You might need to use a grenade or two here as it can get quite tough. Now head into the building, go to the roof. Grab the harpoon from the guy who has just died and shoot it at the helicopter.

Get To The Armoury
Head to the armoury. Lots of close-quarters fighting here, so don’t waste your time zooming in, just blast away. An AK-47 is a superb weapon in this position. If you’ve got any grenades left use them here as enemies will often bunch together. Head upstairs. Another corridor battle, but this time there’s cover spots on the left and right sides. Use them to crouch and pop up. Watch out for grenades and don’t forget to throw them back if the prompt appears on screen! Press forward and get under the door that Sergei is holding open for you. He dies.

Deactivate The Security Door
It gets a bit hectic here, but if you head straight to the office in front of you as soon as this section begins, you can deactivate the door from in there and you’ll team-mates will burst through and help you out.

Wield A Fist Of Iron
Let your colleagues do some of the work here before you leave the office. There’s another office directly East of this office. Inside you’ll see some radios and another Intel collectible. You could pick up one of the grenade launchers from the dead bodies downstairs. This will come in handy later on. Head upstairs and they’ll be another wave of enemies, but nothing to worry about.

Protect Reznov
When you head downstairs you’ll need to protect Reznov. When the slow-mo starts, zoom in and head-shot the guards. You’ll notice these guys are wearing protection on their faces. This makes them harder to kill, so you need to make sure you pummel away with head-shots. Kill this guy and then follow Reznov upstairs again. You’ll need to protect him while he blow-torches his way out of the facility. Stand right next to him and face North. This is where enemies will spawn from. Zoom in and use headshots, and don’t be shy if you have any grenades left. If you did pick up a Grenade Launcher now is a good time to use it.

Get The Mini-Gun

Pick up the Death Machine.

Raise Hell
Yo haven’t got unlimited ammo but you have got a lot, so blast away with the mini-gun, don’t be shy. Head toward the objective marker, but before you head to ground level. Use the holes in the building to rain down fire on enemies. Target the trucks that come in. They’ll explode and you’ll kill multiple folk. You can’t just stay here though and take out everyone. You’ll need to move forward to trigger spawning enemies. Aim for barrels and vehicles as priority and keep an eye up high for enemies on balconies. Keep pressing forward till you reach the objective point.

Before you hop on the motor-bike, look at the back of the warehouse by the lamp. There are some shelves where you’ll find another Intel collectible. Now hop on the bike. There’s not much of a challenge here, you just have to steer and can shoot, but the shooting will target automatically. Concentrate on following Reznov, until you jump on the truck. Now you get to control the truck’s gun. Target the wheels of enemy vehicles to make them explode. Motorbikes should be easier enough to get rid off. When you see the helicopter, take it down and you’ll get less hassle. You’ll have to press a button when prompted to jump on the train to freedom.

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    Call Of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough   Mission 2   Vorkula

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