Call Of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough: Mission 11 – WMD

Published on November 22nd, 2010

Welcome back to the Call Of Duty complete guide. Next up, it’s onto mission eleven. Check out this walkthrough for tips and strategies on how to survive. We’ll also show you where to find all the pieces of intel.

Locate Kilo 1
Right trigger to fire the engine. Get ready to pull back on the left thumbstick to take off. Move the radar slightly upwards and zoom in on the people on the ground. You now need to command the squad to move East. Move the radar east across the map until you see the objective point, which is represented by a number. As your squad get close the number gets lower. Click on the action button to send your troops there. Move them quickly North into the safehouse when prompted.

You’ll now be inside the safehouse. Enemies will enter the building and attack. If you get flashbanged move backwards into a corner until it clears. Use the cover in the building to hide behind and pick out the enemies.

Regroup On The Ridge

Once they’re all dead you’ll be put in control of the radar once more. Find the next objective marker, just look for the arrow on the radar. Don’t move your squad yet. Make sure you’re fully zoomed out and check out the area just to the left of the marker. You’ll see a group of enemy soldiers. Zoom in on them and press the action button. This will command the squad to kill them. Now move safely to the objective marker.

Clear Barracks And Destroy Comms Link

Move toward the marker but when the prompt appears to “Dig In” hit it and wait for the troops to go past before targeting the barracks to the East and commanding your team to move forward. As you move into the barracks, you’ll be straight back in the action again. As soon as you enter the building, you’ll see an open doorway straight in front of you. They’ll be a few soldiers in the room already, but others will attack through the door. Throw a grenade toward the door and then plant the explosives on the wall to destroy the comms.

Guide Kilo 1 To The Insertion Site

Move the radar northwards and command the troops to move, until the cut-scene kicks in.

Regroup At Insertion Point

Follow Weaver and Brooks to the side of the building. As soon as the guard exits the building quickly lie down. Wait for him to go running off before you press forward toward the pylon.

Hook Up
Hold down the action button to hook up while you’re up against the railings and head down to the sub-station. As you rappel down you need to make sure you brake otherwise you’ll fall. Alternate between pressing the left and right trigger, about 1 sec each press, and you’ll reach the bottom safely. Hook up again and rappel down. This time you’ll smash through a window. Everything will move in slow-motion so take out the guards in the control room.

Neutralise The Commstat Personnel
Head down the metal steps. As soon as the path veers left, watch out for the two soldiers. They won’t know you’re there so you should take them out swiftly. It’s a good opportunity to execute a stealth kill. Now switch to your CrossBow. Stay on the ridge overlooking the compound. You’ll see enemy movement. Watch for the soldier dragging an explosive barrel. Shoot the barrel and you’ll take out two guards. Now you’ll trigger the alarm and more guards will arrive. Remember to slow down your breathing when you have the crossbow equipped to make your aim steadier. When prompted press on the left d-pad to arm the explosive bolts for your crossbow. Push forward when your team-mates do and follow your team-mate.

Shoot the two white hinges on the door to enter the facility. Don’t worry about the soldiers on the upper level, your team-mates will take care of them. Look over the balcony and shoot the soldiers downstairs. You can bounce a grenade off the back wall to take out anyone hiding in cover. Before you move downstairs check out the room at the top of the stairs where you’ll find a piece of intel. When you move downstairs you’ll be attacked from both levels. The best bet here is to head back upstairs and take care of that threat first. Then you’ll also have a good view over downstairs so can pick enemies off and throw grenades in the right places.

Disable The CommStart
Head to the back of the room and disable the radar dish by pressing the action button.

Proceed To Jump Point
Follow your team-mates and run and jump across the bridge when it collapses. Watch out the avalance behind you. Keep running toward the objective marker and then jump off the cliff. Press the action button to deploy your parachute when prompted.

Infiltrate The Nova 6 Facility
Spread out. It’s worth taking the right hand side here. You’ll be able to move forward and flank enemies while your team-mates are providing cover fire. Push forward slowly. Use any explosive barrels to kill enemies. Don’t stay out in the open stick to the right hand side. When you see the soldier on a mounted turret, dive into the building on the right. Push forward into the facility. Let your team-mates go first so you know enemy positions. Head into the main building, following your team-mates.

Escape Yamantau Facility
You’ve got three minutes to escape. Get out of the building you’re in and into the main warehouse. Stick to the West and move around the facility toward the exit. You’ll have to take out a few soldiers on the way. When you reach the exit, watch out for all the soldiers outside. Target the guy on the mounted machine gun on the back off the truck as a priority, and then take out all the rest before you move on. When the coast is clear jump on the back off the truck to control the machine gun. Aim it at the two trucks that come toward you and watch out for the guy with the RPG on the roof.

Note: Other Intel locations to be added.


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    Call Of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough: Mission 11   WMD

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