Call Of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough – Mission 1 – Operation 40

Published on November 13th, 2010

The walkthrough begins here! You’ll find tips on how to beat the enemy and locations of all the Intel collectibles on route.

Undertake a daring assasination attempt during the Bay Of Pigs invasion

Mission 1 –
After you stab your knife through the enemy’s hand and crack a glass bottle across his head, immediately aim down your sight with your pistol and head-shot the other soldier right in front of you. Your colleague will throw you an M16. Call Of Duty Black Ops  Walkthrough   Mission 1   Operation 40

Escape The Police

As soon as you leave the building you’re going to have to fight your way through the streets against the police. Many of them will turn up in police cars so if you’re quick you can blow them up with the M203 grenade launcher before they can get out. Just before the action starts you’ll be shown how to switch to your launcher. Don’t waste the ammo against police men on foot just aim down your sights and take them out.

You’ve got team-mates helping you out here, and it’s a very linear level, so let your team-mates move up ahead of you so you know which way you need to go. They’ll help you out too. Look out for the guy with “Follow” above his head! Follow him, but you’ll get a clearer view of the road if you take the opposite side of the road. There’s plenty of cover spots so use them! As you move up the road watch out for the police car that comes careering toward you. Make sure you’ve got your grenade launcher equipped to take it out.

Get Off The Streets

As you move toward the statue at the end of the road, police cars will block off the area and fire at you furiously. Keep moving toward the objective marker, don’t stop, it’s not worth using your ammo on them. Feel free to use your grenade launcher to stop some of the fire as you follow your team-mate. Jump into the car at the end of the alleyway. Follow the prompts to reverse and drive. The short driving section is on rails, so you needn’t do anything.

Use Zipline To Infiltrate The Compound
Move toward Woods and hold down the relevant button to zip down into the compound.

Find And Kill Castro Call Of Duty Black Ops  Walkthrough   Mission 1   Operation 40
Follow Woods into the building. Sneak up behind the guard talking on the telephone and use your melee attack to take him out (you’ll be prompted on-screen when you get close.) Move out of the
building and follow Woods up the hill to the archway. Stay by the archway and wait for the soldiers to arrive. A couple will appear from the building on the right and some at the top of the steps. Don’t go rushing in, stay back and pick them off the top of the stairs and chuck a grenade if you need to by the building.

Up the next set of steps and into the armoury. The first Intel package is right in front of you on a crate as you enter. As you come out the other side of the building. you’ll be attacked. Lob a grenade in if you’re struggling, but remember to use your team-mates as help. Stay back and pick enemies off while the other two push forward – they won’t die. Move to the next archway and hold up to pick off enemies. When it’s clear head to the building on the left. There are some guards as soon as you open the door into the building so get ready to take them out. You need to search the rooms for Castro.

Move South through the kitchen. Woods and co will go the other way so you’ll be able to flank the soldiers. Head South until you can go no further. Down the corridor to the West you’ll get attacked by plenty of guards. Use the cover. This is a narrow space so throwing a grenade will usually kill more than one. Out of the corridor into the next room. More enemies to contend with here, but they won’t prove a problem if you use the cover.

Now head with Woods to breach the door. You’ll have to move in close to activate the breach. A slow motion sequence will kick in allowing you to dispose of the soldiers inside with little problem. Head to the next door and breach. Castro is inside. You can earn the achievement “Take Down Castro With A Headshot” by aiming directly at his head. Watch out for the woman he’s holding.

Escape Compound
As soon as the door opens, look directly in front of you. Take a long range shot aiming at the exploding barrels to take out the guys on the roof. Some fighting as you move across the balcony. Stick to the right hand side and you can flank them or use the wooden crates as cover. When you get to the area with the staircase on fire stick to the wall on the right hand side and enter the first room on the right. Move forward room to room watching out for enemies until you reach the bedroom. There’s an intel on the dressing room table in this bedroom. Out back onto the fiery balcony. Take out any guards on this floor and then shoot the chandelier to kill some soldiers below.

Move downstairs following Woods who should now have the word “Support” over his head. When you get outside the building there are loads of soldiers in front of you. Pick up the RPK AC0G which is resting on the wall on the left and take out the guy on the 50cal gun. You should also be able to pick up plenty of soldiers with the superior scope of the RPK. There are exploding barrels dotted around the area so keep an eye out for them. Press forward when your team-mates press forward and don’t worry about the tank, just stay out of its firing line. They’ll destroy it for you. Follow Woods through the long grass.

Get To The Airfield
Rappel down to the airfield.

Get To The Plane
Enter the hangar and go straigh up the metal steps on the left hand side, opposite the plane, where you’ll find a piece of Intel. Don’t hang around here. You need to dash across the airfield toward the plane. Follow the objective marker and sprint all the way. If you do stop you may get caught in one of the many explosions going off. Don’t stop to shoot at enemies. Get in the plane.

Protect The Plane From Damage
This is an on-rails section, you need to control the chain gun. As a priority aim for red barrels, vehicles and wooden buildings. You’ll set these alight and kill anyone in the vicinity. Keep firing away until you complete that objective.

Use The ZPU To Clear The Runway
You’ll automatically jump off the plane. Jump on the ZPU and then shoot down the runway at the targets. When your reticule turns red fire!

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    Call Of Duty Black Ops  Walkthrough   Mission 1   Operation 40

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    1. Posted by Mily on January 6th, 2011, 17:15

      Hi there I followed your guide but I’m stuck on the tank bit still please someone help me more I seem to be doing what every guide says but it doesn’t work help help help please :( (

      • Posted by Simon Williamson on January 7th, 2011, 09:10

        Stay back from the tank behind one of the walls. Let your team-mates move forward and destroy it, you don’t need to attack it. Stay right back at the start of that section and just wait.

    2. Posted by Daquan on March 10th, 2011, 02:22


    3. Posted by ted on April 2nd, 2013, 03:55

      I have followed all of the instructions including the above comments but every time the BTR blows up it says that “You have cause you team mates to be killed”….. is this a glich or is there another way to beat this objective?

    4. Posted by Bill Fellman Jr. on December 18th, 2013, 14:36

      Same here, every time the btr blows up it says my actions got my teammates killed. No idea what to do. I go, they die, I stay, they die.

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