Call Of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough – Mission 6: The Defector

Published on November 17th, 2010

Welcome back to the Call Of Duty complete guide. Next up, it’s onto mission six. Check out this walkthrough for tips and strategies on how to survive. We’ll also tell you where to find all the pieces of intel.

Extract the Defector And Intel
You’re equipped with the Dragon Breath, which will make light work of the soldiers that you’ll face in the next couple of rooms. Don’t even bother to zoom in, just fire away and you’ll set them on fire. Move from room to room using the Dragon Breath. When you reach the top of the stairs, watch out for the guy in the window above, he’s got molotov cocktails. Take him out before moving down. Go down the stairs toward the objective marker, but be careful as enter the next room. There’s a hole in the roof with enemies up there. They’re hiding behind a cardboard box which you can shoot through. Now breach the door.

There’s a guy sitting at the computer. Take him out and watch for the soldiers steaming into the room. Out of this room, take the room immediately on the right. You can flank them while your team-mates go the other way. Before you move downstairs take out the soldiers on the balcony opposite you. Stay up top until they’re all eliminated downstairs. You’ll hear an audio cue when it’s clear to move. Follow Woods and breach the door to find Reznov.

Get To The LZ
Leave the projector room and then enter the room on the right of the corridor to pick up a piece of Intel.

Commandeer The Radio For Air Support
Follow Woods right to the point where you can pick up the radio. Take the radio from the soldier and then point the target toward the enemy on the balcony. He’ll be flagged up so you won’t have to search for him. The chopper will support you. Join the tank on the streets and move up behind it, or dodge into one of the side buildings. You can use air-support again, so use it on the large building to the West so you can move up the street more easily. In this building you’ll also find a piece of Intel on the bottom floor. If you kill 20 people with the air-support you’ll also unlock an achievement so use it when you can. When the enemy tanks rolls in, switch to air support and target it. There’s more fighting here as you move down the street. Down stand out in the middle of the road, use the buildings on the left to take cover, clear them out. You’ll be able to stand in doorways or windows and pop your head out to take enemies down.

Once you get to the top of the road there’s another target to mark with an air-strike. Watch out for enemies in windows and coming out of doorways of buildings.

Destroy the ZSU Gun Emplacement
Help Woods open the door. You’ll have to follow the prompt on screen, bash down on your button to break through the door. Head to the roof and shoot through the windows across the street. With a well-placed grenade you can take out about 4 enemies hiding behind the car. Hop over onto the balcony and follow it around. When you get to the clearing with the tree hang back and use the cover of the walls either side to pop out and take out all soldiers beneath the ZSU before you continue. Head to the room under the ZSU and plant the explosive by standing on the table. Get out of the room and detonate it. Now run to the landing zone. INTEL

Take up a position on the upper floor of the building just behind the landing zone and prepare for the onslaught. They’ll approach from the East and descend on the landing zone. Nothing but good shooting and clear head-shots is going to get you through here. Target the tank that approaches from the East with an air-strike.

Get To The Boat
You’ve got just 20 seconds to get to the boat. Ignore the enemy gun-fire, run towards the objective marker.


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    Call Of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough   Mission 6: The Defector

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