Bioshock 2 – Single Player Walkthrough Part Seven: Dionysus Park

Published on February 22nd, 2010

Part Seven of our single player walkthrough sees us in Dionysus Park, following our escape from Siren Alley.

New Goal: Locate the Train Station

Sinclair has asked you to join him at the train station, so make a start by following the waypoint arrow through the corridors, and past the locked doors.

You will notice a retreating red cloud occasionally – this is your first encounter with a Houdini Splicer, who you will see more of soon.

Hack the Vending Machine at the end of the corridor and stock up on anything you need, then head into the room on the left.  Hack the First Aid Machine in this room, to stop any Splicers healing themselves from this.

Work your way around the room, searching the various filing cabinets and boxes until you get to the locked gate indicated by the waypoint arrow.  It is at this point where the Houdini Splicer will attack you, from behind.

Bioshock 2 – Single Player Walkthrough Part Seven: Dionysus Park

Houdini Attack

Houdinis have a bad habit of teleporting around the room during the fight; so the best tactic is to freeze them on the spot, then finish them off.

Once she’s dead, head into the room through the now-opened door and pick up the Audio Diary.

Follow the waypoint arrow out of the room, up the stairs and through the door.

Equip your remote tool and look for the camera above, and to the right, of the open doorway before the next room.

Once this is hacked, carry on up the steps and hack the Ammo Machine when you get to the top.

You will see a Splicer fall through the doorway, triggering a trap spear – go into this room, making sure you duck under the remaining trap spear.

There will be a few Splicers in this room – take them out using whatever methods you’ve come to prefer.  Try and use the research camera whenever possible.

You will find an Audio Diary on your left as you enter this room.

Follow the arrow through the door to The Promenade.

Sinclair will tell you he’s found a new train car, but the station is still locked – but it seems you’re not alone. There is someone in the security booth – and you’re about to get an introduction.

Say hello to Stanley Poole.

Goal Update: Meet Stanley in the Train Station.

Before you leave this room get yourself some upgrades from the Gatherer’s Garden if you have enough Adam, and pick up the Audio Diary in the middle of the Carousel.

When you’re ready, follow the arrow through the indicated door, and to the right – a few Splicers will be waiting for you in the next room.

If you picked up the Hypnotize plasmid you can have some fun here and set them on each other, or just have our own fun with whatever combination you choose.

Carry on and head through the tunnel until you get to the next room.

A couple of Splicers will be in here, trying to break into a safe.  Take them out, and then hack the safe for yourself before helping yourself to an upgrade from the Power to the People machine.

Bioshock 2 – Single Player Walkthrough Part Seven: Dionysus Park

Power to the People

Go through the next tunnel, taking out the Splicer towards the end, and through the door.

Eleanor has left you another little gift – the rocket launcher.  How very kind!

Bioshock 2 – Single Player Walkthrough Part Seven: Dionysus Park


Go through the next door and test out the Launcher on the turret and Splicers in the room – it’s very effective, but be careful where you fire it because the explosions can also hurt you; until you get a weapon upgrade, at least.

Head up to the Security Office to have a little chat with Stanley Poole.  It seems Stanley has a problem with the Little Sisters

Bioshock 2 – Single Player Walkthrough Part Seven: Dionysus Park

Stanley Poole

Adam tells a story, and he wants to keep his secret, so to get into the station you’ll need to harvest or rescue three Little Sisters.

The Little Sisters tend to walk around a lot, but if you check your map you should see where they are all roughly located.

The tactic for dealing with them is pretty much the same as it has been up to this point.  Just check out the room before you engage the , and use everything you have at your disposal.

Now, you have a choice here – each time you adopt a Little Sister you have the option of gathering two lots of Adam.

If you want more upgrades, then you will need to do this, but it’s not essential – the choice is yours.

Let’s start with the Little Sister in Triton Theatre.

Head left through the door, and up the stairs, until you come to the main hallway and go through the entrance on your left.

Be careful as you enter here as there is a rocket launching Turret and a Splicer.  If you wait a second, and don’t get too close, the turret will blow up the Splicer – then it’s just a simple job of freezing and hacking.

Take the western exit from this room, down into the Lounge.  There is a Splicer in the room as you enter at the bottom of the stairs – make sure you target the right one, as he is dancing with a mannequin.

Hack the First Aid Machine, and then work your way around the room picking up the various items and cash, until you get to the Staff Only door, down the steps.  Hack the door control to get in.

Pick up the Audio Diary and hack the safe – be careful when you do, though, as this will spawn a couple of Splicers back in the main room.

Head back up the stairs to the lobby.

There is a small room here, blocked off with a gate – use your Electro Bolt on the control lever to open the gate so you can pick up the launcher ammo inside.

Go into the Dames toilets where you will find the Electrical Storm tonic – watch out for the Splicer attack when you pick this up.

Go through the doors to the theatre – the first Little Sister is in here, as are a few Splicers trying to take her.  The Big Daddy soon sorts them out, and now it’s your turn to sort him out.

Once you have your first Little Sister there are two Adam gathers in here, if you choose to collect them.

The first is on the lower floor of the theatre; right near to where you are now, the second is on the upper balcony.

If you choose to gather the Adam here, make sure you keep an eye out for the Splicers on the floor either above, or below, depending on where you are at the time.

Before you leave the Theatre, go through the door to the left of the stage.  Take out the Splicer just inside, and then pick up the Audio Diary.

As you leave the main theatre room, go up the stairs to the right and through the first door you come to – get your hacking tool ready for the Security Camera at the top of the stairs, to the right.

Following the corridor to the left you will find an Audio Diary under the rubble.  Carry on along the corridor and through the door at the end – grab the Extended Reel tonic in the next room.  This tonic improves the research you get when using your camera.

Picking this up will spawn a few Splicers back out in the corridor, but the camera and security bots will keep them busy.

Nip into the room on your right and pick up all the ammo inside.

The next Little Sister is in the park, so check your map and start heading in that general direction.

Drop off your Little Sister at any of the vents you pass along the way.

When you enter the Piano Bar sort out the Splicers that attack, and then pick up the Audio Diary from the piano in the back room and then get ready for the Splicers that cut through the door.

Go through this door, and you will come back out into the room from earlier with the carousel.

Head through the north door to Lamb’s Garden.

Ignore the main entrance to Lamb’s Garden on the right, and go up the steps at either side of the tables to find the Eve Expert tonic and an Audio Diary.

Once you have these, head into Lamb’s Garden.

Here is your next Little Sister, and her Big Daddy.

Bioshock 2 – Single Player Walkthrough Part Seven: Dionysus Park

Who's the Daddy

This room makes the fight quite easy as you can run around the edges, and use the water to your advantage, coupled with your Electro Blast plasmid.

There is a corpse in here that you can gather for Adam – just make sure you hack the First Aid Machine before you start to stop the Splicers from healing themselves.

Follow your sister’s guide to the next corpse to harvest and then drop her off at the nearest vent.

Now that there is only one more Little Sister to find, the waypoint arrow should point you towards this, which is over in the J. Fischer Gallery.

As you make your way towards your goal a few Splicers will jump you, but these are all easily dealt with.

Follow the arrow through the piano bar towards the gallery.

If you are collecting audio diaries stop at the Gene-Bank and make sure you have your Incinerate plasmid equipped, as there is a doorway blocked with ice in the next room.

If you’re not bothered about the diaries, skip the next few paragraphs and skip straight to where we enter the Gallery.

Melt the ice, and head inside with your hacking tool equipped.  This room can be very dangerous as it is filled with Security Cameras and Turrets.

Bioshock 2 – Single Player Walkthrough Part Seven: Dionysus Park

Ice Ice Baby

Starting in the entrance hallway, with the bot shutdown control on your left, slowly head towards the steps leading into the main room.  You will see a Turret ahead – hack this quickly.

Now, still heading forward slowly, hack the cameras immediately to your left and right that are pointing in the direction you’re facing as you come down the steps.

Once these are hacked, look ahead on the left and right walls – another two Security Cameras.

Take the right-hand path around the central wall, and up towards the steps – if you are going in the right direction you will see a Little Sister vent ahead of you.

Quickly turn left as soon you get to the top of the stairs and hack the Turret.  Continue down this corridor, towards the Camera you hacked earlier – there is another Turret to hack behind the upturned sofa on the left.

That is the last of the security devices left to hack, so now equip your Incinerate and work your way around the room melting the ice piles.  One at the top of steps near the vent will reveal an Audio Diary as it melts.

Head into the room at the back where you will find the Hardy Machines tonic and a Safe to hack.

Going into this room will trigger a Splicer attack, but with all of the hacked security devices most of them will be dead, or severely wounded, before they get anywhere near you.

Now that you have your collectibles, head back out and go to the Gallery entrance.  Be careful as you enter, as there is a Houdini Splicer in here, as well as your Little Sister.

Immediately look to your left, along the southeast wall – there is a Security Camera in the far corner.  Hack this remotely as quickly as you can before the Splicer attacks.

When dealing with the Splicer, make sure no stray bullets hit the Big Daddy – you don’t want to be dealing with him as well as a Splicer bouncing around the room.

Pick up the third, and final, Little Sister and then set up the usual traps and gather some Adam from the corpse in this room.

Go up the stairs at the back of the room for the Drill Specialist tonic, and an Audio Diary.

Follow your Little Sisters guide for the nearest corpse to get your second lot of Adam, and drop her off at a vent.

Now that you have rescued the third Sister, it’s time to go and meet Stanley.

New Goal: Board the Train to Fontaine Futuristics.

Before you can make your way to the train you’re going to face another Big Sister, so prepare yourself for the attack.

Bioshock 2 – Single Player Walkthrough Part Seven: Dionysus Park

Big Sister

Drop a few trap rivets, or use your Cyclone plasmid if you have it, to leave a few surprises for when she arrives.

As usual, freeze or shock the Big Sister to keep her in place for as long as possible and use any Armor-piercing rounds you have for your machine gun to do the most damage.

Once you have killed the Big Sister follow the waypoint arrow towards the train station, but be on the lookout for random Splicer attacks along the way.

By now you have learnt that Stanley isn’t exactly a nice person and, after being prompted by Sofia Lamb, you have a choice to make – kill him, or leave him alone.

If you want the best ending from the game, let him live.  If you don’t care, dispose of him however you wish.  Whatever you decide, go in to the Security Office any way to pick up the Audio Diary.

Now, board the train and make your way to Fontaine Futuristics.

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