BioShock 2 – 5 Ways To Beat A Big Daddy

Published on February 10th, 2010

With being a yourself, you might think it’ll be fairly simple to take down one of Rapture’s lumbering giants this time around. You would, of course, be wrong. ’s Big Daddies are every bit as tough as the predecessor’s, and there are more of them this time around. We’ve identified five key ways to take down a Daddy and leave with (most) of your health intact.

Be Prepared

If you’re completely tooled up with Eve and First Aid hypos, have tooled yourself up with as much ammo as you can find and have identified a good spot of cover, then you should to take a Daddy down. Concentrate as much plasmid and gunfire directly on it while dodging its drill-dashes. It’s not pretty, it’ll take a lot of First Aid, but it can be done.


It’s crucial to remember that a Big Daddy will never attack you first, giving you ample time to check out the room where he’s walking for cameras and turrets. Get hacking, either with a hack dart or simply by walking up to the offending piece of electrical equipment, make sure the Daddy is in position, then unleash hell. The added firepower and distractions of your hacked gear should be enough to take off half of his life, leaving you to mop up with and gunfire.

Get Hypnotised

A good way to soften a Big Daddy up for the brawl is to hypnotise and surrounding enemies first, drawing Daddy into a firefight that he’ll likely win, but will take off a fair old chunk of his energy. If you can throw a brute splicer into that mix before you lay into the Daddy yourself, then that’s a fantastic way to start.

The Ultimate

Now this one takes a bit of planning, but it’s oh-so worth it. 2K Marin has designed specific rooms in BioShock 2’s levels to be ‘kill’ rooms, essentially choke points filled with cameras and turrets. They’re a nightmare to get through yourself, but once you’ve hacked everything inside, then it becomes your own palace of pain. Once you’ve set up your kill room, make sure to lay some trap rivets from the front door all the way to the back, and a couple of proximity mines if you’re later in the game, then find the Big Daddy, electro-bolt him a few times so you have time to get away, lure him into your room of death, and watch gleefully as you take him down without firing a shot. Poor Mr. Bubbles.

The Coward’s Way Out

If all else fails, you can always cop out. Lure a Big Daddy near a Vita-Chamber, equip the drill, then hit him over and over until you die. You’ll repsawn in the Vita Chamber, he’ll still have the same health. Rinse, repeat. It’s about as satisfying as doing t he washing-up, but it does work.

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    BioShock 2   5 Ways To Beat A Big Daddy

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