Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Walkthrough – Sequence 3

Published on December 27th, 2010

Welcome to the complete guide for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. This guide will take you by the hand through all nine sequences of the atmospheric adventure.

: The Fighter, the Lover, and the Thief

High-Stakes Negotiation
Full Synchronization- Do not swim.

You’ll find this memory in the Western Centro district. It is available as soon as you start the 3rd Sequence. The first part of this memory has you pickpocketing strangers to collect the 2500 florin ransom needed to save the mistress. Just fast walk into groups of people to automatically collect money off of them. Just don’t linger around one place for too long, and don’t do this near guards. Once you’ve got enough florins, go meet the slave tradersall the way over in the Southern Centro district. They are near a Borgia Tower,but the checkpoint is barely inside the influenced area, so you shouldn’t have trouble with the guards if you just run for it. After the cutscene you’ll have to fight the slavers, which isn’t too difficult. Once they’re dead, head back up to the Rosa in Fiore, watch the cutscene, then use the 2500 florins to renovate the place. This ends the memory, and you should get full synch as there is absolutely no reason to swim anywhere in this mission. Also, you can now talk to Maria to get Courtesan assignments.

Double Agent
Full Synchronization- Do not be detected while reducing Notoriety.Remain undetected until rejoining La Volpe at the Thieves Guild.

This memory is available as soon as you start the 3rd Sequence. You’ll find it in the Southwestern Antico district. After the cutscene, rejoin La Volpe at thecheckpoint. You will have to save the boy from several guards after this cutscene, so get ready. They are all archers, too, so take out your throwing knives to make things a bit easier. Once everyone’s dead, escort the boy back to the checkpoint. Remaining undetected here is relatively easy, as longas you’re patient. There are groups of people just standing around all over the place. If you don’t see a way past some guards, just wait for a crowd of people to move in the direction you want to go and blend in with them. After you reach the checkpoint, you’ll have to reduce your notoriety by either ripping down posters, bribing heralds, or killing officials. You’ll need to do four actions to get your notoriety down to zero. Luckily, from here on, you won’t have to worry about avoiding guards. Once you’re no longer notorious, make your way back to La Volpe, then renovate the tavern. This will end the memory and unlock Thief Assignments.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Full Synchronization- Kill only the Borgia Captain.

This memory is available as soon as you start the 3rd Sequence. You’ll find it in the Eastern Campagna district. This memory is fairly simple. At the start, equip your hidden blade and run after the Borgia Captain. Assassinate him, then drop into the water surrounding the Borgia Tower and climb up the back. The only guards around are the ones guarding the bridge, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting full synch. Ignite the tower, make your way back to Bartolomeo, and renovate the Barracks. This will end the memory and unlock Assassination Contracts.

Collective Intelligence
After completing the last three memories, you will gain access to this one. Enter your hideout to start it. After the cutscene, talk to the bookkeeper. This ends the memory and the sequence.

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    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Walkthrough   Sequence 3

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