Assassin's Creed 2 Guide – Assassination Contracts (Tuscany)

Published on April 11th, 2010

If you’re striving for 100% completion on Assassin’s Creed II you’ll have to carry out dozens of that can be found by visiting pigeon coops dotted around the various locations. Check out our complete guide to Assassination in .


Mission – Find and kill the Pazzi benefactor who can be found at the farm that sits just east of San Gimignano.

There’s a cart of hay conveniently located just next to your target which is a great place to hide from the guards before you make your assassination attempt. You can approach this assassination in a number of different ways. Watch the movement of the guards and time it just right when they’re not looking to run and jump into the cart of hay. You’ll easily be able to carry out the assassination from here. Alternatively, head to the view point which sits above the cart of hay. Perform the leap of faith into the hay and you’ll not even have to worry about the guards. Once you’ve killed the benefactor, get ready to run as the guards will be alerted.


Mission – Kill the four guards who are conspiring to kill Lorenzo

This is all about stealth kills as you don’t want anyone to know that you killed the guards. You’re also not allowed to use weapons.  Three of the guards can be found on the rooftops. Just head up there, sneak up behind them and throw them off the roof to their doom. The fourth target is in the marketplace. You can throw him into the cage, poison him, or approach the mercenaries that are nearby and hire them to assassinate him.


Assassin's Creed 2 Guide   Assassination Contracts (Tuscany)

Riding horseback is handy during timed missions

Mission – Follow the guild leader’s employee until you find the main man himself.

Simple this one. Just follow the man, making sure that you stay out of his sight. As soon as you see the target just run straight up to him and kill him anyway you like. A couple of his friends will attack you but they’ll be unarmed and easy to dispose of.


Mission – Kill the two conspirators who are plotting to bring down Florence.

Head to the roof-tops in Santa Maria Assunta. You’ll see the two targets in the courtyard on the South side. You’ll need to take out the archers which you can do so stealthily or by hiring someone else to do so. Make sure that you don’t let the archers bodies drop into the courtyard otherwise you’ll alert your targets.  Watch the movement of your targets and time it so you Leap of Faith into the courtyard and into the hay cart.  Assassinate them swiftly before they have a chance to move too far apart, and then leg it sharpish!


Mission – Take down five Borgia Henchmen

Another stealth mission, you don’t want to be seen at all. Focus on the targets individually. They are all situated in positions that make it relatively easy for stealth kills. Watch their movements and wait for them to be in the prime position for assassination. There are piles of hay near some targets that are perfect for hiding in and you can also carry out ledge kills by climbing just below the archers where you won’t be seen.


Mission- Kill the three leaders of three groups of soldiers.

You’re only given five minutes to complete this mission so be quick and clinical. You’ll need to grab a horse, which you can find at the South gate. This way you can move between targets quickly. Eagle vision can be used to pin-point the leader. Once you’ve spotted him just go straight in for the kill and get ready to jump on your horse and make your way to the next target.


Mission -In the ruins of the ancient roman theatre you’ll find your target having a leisurely stroll

You’re probably going to have to take out some of the guards that are dotted around the ruins.  You can move around the other side of the entrance of the ruins to ensure that you don’t have to eliminate too many guards.  It’s another case of watching everyone’s movements and timing it just right to assassinate the target. Get ready to run as guards descend on your position once you’ve killed him.

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    Assassin's Creed 2 Guide   Assassination Contracts (Tuscany)

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