Army of Two: The 40th Day – Significant Cash Pickups

Published on February 28th, 2010

Pick up throughout the campaign and you’ll get to spend it on some bling! Diamond encrusted grenades, gold-plated sniper rifles and weapon add-ons await anyone who can afford it. But first, you’ve got to find the . Check out Gamerzine’s guide to bagging yourself some big .

Level 1 – Attack


At the end of the level. When at the elevator,
go West – Northwest on the same floor.

Level 2 –  Embassy


After completing morality, in the same room.


On the highway, after going down on the
railings. At the enemy’s opposite.

Level 3 – Zoo


In the Zoo’s entrance, after the garage. Go to
the area on the right, close to the exploding


In the second section of cages. Go to the left
and into one of the cages connected to the
main building in the center.


In the last section of the zoo, go to the right
side. The cash is in the water.

Level 4 – Hospital


In one of the vents in the Laundry room

Level 5 – Mall

$45, 000

In the second part of the streets, on the first
floor of one of the houses.

$47, 500

In the parking with the big demolition crane,
on the second floor of the house.

Level 6 – Temple

$45 000

In the second Bund, on the containers after
the fence

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    Army of Two: The 40th Day   Significant Cash Pickups

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