Army of Two: The 40th Day – Enemy Guide

Published on February 11th, 2010

Whether you’re up against a soldier, an office or an elite, the enemies in can be tough to defeat. Check out our ‘ Guide’ which details every that you’ll encounter in the game, how to recognise them, and how best to tackle them. And, watch out for the civilians! Save them and you’ll gain your just rewards.

Different types of enemies

The soldier: The soldier is the most basic enemy you will encounter. He doesn’t have much power over other soldiers nor wears protection.

The officer: The officer is tougher than the grunts. He usually wears a helmet and has extra armor. He also has power over other units and can order grunts to lay down the weapons if he gets taken hostage.

The elite: The best of the regular soldiers is the elite. He is outfitted in special gear and is particularly hard to kill. Holding him hostage will guarantee the surrendering of lower ranks.

Heavy soldiers: These types of enemies are not encountered often. They usually oversee certain sections of the battlefield. There are 4 types of Heavy Soldiers:

1. The Shotgunner: This enemy really focuses on getting as close as possible to make the most damage. His weak spot is his head. After a few shots, his helmet will get blown away and leave his head unprotected.

2. The Gatling: This heavy is manning a huge Gatling gun capable of mowing down enemies in mere seconds. His weak spot is the red bag strapped to his back.

3. The Grenadier: This troop is equipped with a massive grenade launcher that will quickly blow-up any cover. To kill him, shoot the 3 red bags hanging around his waist.

4. The Flamethrower: This enemy is strong and inflicts heavy damage upon its target. To avoid being turned into BBQ, shoot the red canisters in his back.


You will run into several hostage situations where civilian lives are threatened. You can choose to either save them or let them die. Be aware that if you manage to save them, they might give you some rewards, such as weapon parts or money. The decision you make will also affect your morality meter.

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    Army of Two: The 40th Day – Enemy Guide

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