LIMBO Walkthrough – Chapter 22

Published on August 13th, 2010

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be providing a full, in-depth, complete walkthrough of all 24 chapters for . We’ll guide you through all the and all the achievements.

We’ve listed the walkthrough in Chapters. Note: You won’t see how the game divides into chapters until you complete it, so you may have to check out the main LIMBO page for guides to the other levels and to find the solution to the specific puzzle you are looking for.

You will come to an area with two switches and two giant blocks. Turn on the magnet (right) switch. Turn the gravity (left)s witch on and right as the left crate hits the ceiling, turn it off. If you have timed this correctly, only the left block should be on the ceiling. Use the platforms to go to the right.

When you come to the zip line with two gravity switches, hit the upward gravity switch. A contraption with a rope will come up the zip line. Hit the down switch as soon as the contraption enters the frame so that you can run and grab the rope before it is out of reach. Ride the rope/contraption down.

Jump off onto the roof with the steaming pipe or you will hit some spikes and die. Slide down the roof and jump towards the arrow. HIT THE ACTION BUTTON AS SOON AS YOU PASS IN FRONT OF THE ARROW; otherwise you will fall and die.

Check out the main LIMBO guide page for further solutions.

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    LIMBO Walkthrough   Chapter 22

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