Gears of War 3: Medals List

Published on September 15th, 2011

Unlike ′s Ribbons, which are awarded at the end of each match, Medals reward players for more long-term accomplishments. Most medals have four tiers and count towards character and weapon skin unlocks.

Here’s the full list:

  • Beta TesterParticipated in the Beta
  • Old GuardEarn Veteran Gear achievement in Gears of War 2
  • Seriously - Earn Seriously 3.0 achievement
  • Embry StarEarn 30 Onyx Medals
  • It Has Begun!Complete one VS match
  • VengefulAwarded for executing nemeses
  • CaptorAwarded for killing enemies with a captive
  • War SupporterAwarded for playing in Gears Events
  • MVPAwarded for earning MVP ribbons
  • Field ServiceAwarded for reaching certain levels
  • VeteranAwarded for playing multiplayer matches
  • Match WinnerAwarded for winning multiplayer matches
  • Headshot - Awarded for pulling off headshots
  • Heavy WeaponsAwarded for heavy weapon kills
  • ExplosivesAwarded for explosive kills
  • FinisherAwarded for pulling off executions
  • SkunkerAwarded for skunking enemy team
  • LeaderAwarded for earning Untouchable ribbons
  • AbductorAwarded for capturing enemy leaders
  • AssistantAwarded for getting assists in Versus multiplayer
  • MedicAwarded for reviving squadmates
  • CoverAwarded for earning Buttoned-Up ribbons
  • Active ReloaderAwarded for performing perfect Active Reloads
  • LancerAwarded for kills with the Lancer
  • HammerburstAwarded for kills with the Hammerburst
  • Retro Lancer - Awarded for kills with the Retro Lancer
  • Gnasher ShotgunAwarded for kills with the Gnasher Shotgun
  • Sawed-Off ShotgunAwarded for kills with the Sawed-Off Shotgun
  • PistolsAwarded for kills with the Pistol
  • Spotter - Awarded for spotting enemies
  • Pyro - Awarded for killing enemies with fire
  • SapperAwarded for destroying enemy grenades
  • GuardianAwarded for rescuing leaders in Capture The Leader
  • CTL - Awarded for playing Capture The Leader matches
  • KOTHAwarded for playing King Of The Hill matches
  • Warzone - Awarded for playing Warzone matches
  • ExecutionAwarded for playing Execution matches
  • TDMAwarded for playing Team Deathmatch matches
  • WingmanAwarded for playing Wingman matches
  • Allfathers - Awarded for earning a Bronze Medal in all game modes
  • Master-At-ArmsAwarded for earning a Bronze Medal with all 5 starting weapons
  • RiflemanAwarded for earning a Bronze Medal with all 3 starting rifles
  • Hard TargetAwarded for earning Last Man Out ribbons
  • Shock TrooperAwarded for earning First Blood ribbons
  • Old SchoolerAwarded for curb stomping enemies
  • Battle MistressAwarded for playing as a female character
  • SovereignAwarded for winning Capture The Leader rounds as leader
  • Special TeamsAwarded for getting map-based weapon kills
  • For The Horde!Awarded for completing all 50 waves of Horde
  • HorderAwarded for completing 100 waves of Horde
  • ArchitectAwarded for earning Founder ribbons
  • Squad LeaderAwarded for earning Point Man ribbons
  • Field EngineerAwarded for completing fortification modifications
  • Big MoneyAwarded for earning cash in Horde
  • Loot CourtesanAwarded for completing challenges in Horde
  • I’m A Beast!Awarded for completing Beast without failing
  • BeastlyAwarded for completing 60 waves of Beast
  • MotivatorAwarded for healing or reviving teammates in Beast
  • DismantlerAwarded for destroying fortifications in Beast
  • RuthlessAwarded for killing humans in Beast
  • InvestorAwarded for earning cash in Beast
  • High RollerAwarded for earning Ready For The Heavies ribbons
  • King of COG - Awarded for earning points in Arcade mode
  • Number 1Awarded for placing first in Arcade mode
  • WarmongerAwarded for completing all Arcade chapters
  • Force MultiplierAwarded for maintaining max multiplier in Arcade
  • Survivalist - Awarded for completing chapters without dying
  • Aficionado - Awarded for playing chapters of Arcade
  • Doorman - Awarded for manipulating objects in Campaign
  • Tour of DutyAwarded for completing Campaign
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      Gears of War 3: Medals List

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