Star Fox 64 3D Review

Published on September 6th, 2011

It’s been some time since Nintendo gazed upon its galactic dog-fighting Star Fox franchise long-enough to bring us a new tale from Fox McCloud and his critter crew.

Whilst that certainly isn’t the case here, a 3D remastering of the N64 classic, it’s a pleasant reminder of why the series is still a shining star in Nintendo’s trophy cabinet.

Much like this summer’s stellar N64 port The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, goes full hog with up-to-scratch visuals, rerecorded dialogue and a number of bells and whistles – the most controversial addition being the gyro controls.

Piloting an Arwing with the Circle pad provides accurate and precise control needed to tackle the ducking and diving of Star Fox 64 3D’s busier scenarios but the option to tilt the system in conjunction with this is bound to divide opinion.

However, opting in for gyro comes at the sacrifice of the 3D effect that brings the Lylat system to life. Arriving into the chaos of Corneria and bolting left and right to swerve around the swelling molten obstacles on the burning hot seas of Solar are just some of the game’s defining set-pieces.

Blitzing through the Lylat system is an hour job at best but branching paths mean you’ll have to run the gauntlet multiple times in order to see all the galaxy has to offer.

Score Attack and multiplayer modes extend the experience beyond the campaign but the lack of any online functionality is a massive oversight leaving you to chase your own high scores and seek combatants via download play.

Briefly Speaking:
If these 3D ports have taught us anything during the 3DS’ tenure it’s that there’s nothing wrong with revisiting a classic, just as long as you make a good job of it. Consider this mission accomplished then.

Score: 8 ‘Astronomical’


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    Star Fox 64 3D Review

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