Published on January th, 2010

GamerZines.com is a videogames website with a difference. On the site you’ll find the usual mix of games news, previews, interviews and reviews. However, you’ll also find a series of free to download digital magazines, exclusive to GamerZines! We publish FirstLook magazine for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and MMO, professionally written and designed, and now available for PC, Tablet and Phone.

The magazines are also enhanced with multimedia, animations and video, meaning they’re far more interactive than print equivalents, and if you want to subscribe you can do. Just enter your email address into the subscribe box on your right and you’ll be notified as soon as we publish a new magazine.

If you want to have your opinion heard or interact with the community then please feel free to comment on any post – we read all of your comments on the site and will reply if we have something to add. You can also contact us directly, too, and we’ll endeavour to reply to as many messages as we can.

David Taylor – Publishing Director

David has been gaming since Phoenix stole all his pocket money and still fondly remembers Chuckie Egg. David has worked in consumer magazines for over 20 years, working at Future Publishing as Group Publisher on the Official Windows XP magazine and PC Format among many others, as well as at Highbury Entertainment as Publishing Director on magazines such as Games TM and launching X360 magazine. He plays all the consoles and PC, with a particular fondness for RPGs as long as they have really good fire spells, and strategy games if he can conquer the world in them.

Email: dave.taylor@cranberrypublishing.com

Duncan Ferguson – Commercial Director

Duncan worked at Future Publishing for over 10 years and has worked on the commercial side of pretty much every major games magazine in the UK, including the Official Xbox Magazine and the Official Xbox 360 Magazine.

Email: duncan.ferguson@cranberrypublishing.com

Andy Griffiths – Staff Writer

Gaming since a young age, Andy remembers a time when Lucas Arts reigned supreme and Sensible Soccer was judged to be the pinnacle of football simulation. Mr Griffiths roamed the gaming wilderness for a while, writing for websites such as Citizen Game and Ve3tro, before finding a warm house to settle down named GamerZines. A fan of all sorts of game on all sorts of console, PC and handheld ,when pressed admits favourite genres include simulation, adventure and all things multi-player centric.

Email: andy.griffiths@cranberrypublishing.com

James Rawnson – Multimedia Producer

James does all the videos for the site and the magazine, hand crafting every issue to make it as interactive as possible. James is both and Xbox 360 and PS3 lover, and genre wise, basically if it moves, he shoots it.

Email: james.rawnson@cranberrypublishing.com

Mairi Taylor – Company Secretary

Mairi works hard to ensure we all stay out of prison by ensuring all the company’s legal paperwork is, er, legal. She also does all the financial malarkey and deals with the nice people at the games companies who pay their advertising bills. While not averse to a bit of RPG action on the Xbox 360, Mairi prefers the social atmosphere of MMO gaming.

Email: mairi.taylor@cranberrypublishing.com

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